Monday, March 15, 2010

Why good things happen to good people

I listened to this author speak about his book, "why good things happen to good people". Basically they say do good things and good things will happen to you. I kind of like that idea. You know back in the day, 1800's under the law it was criminal to be generous. It was considered a bad thing. It was "against Victorian etiquette of material acquisition". People, well the government of the day, both Canadian and U.S. found it crazy that Indians were giving away stuff. The Potlatch got the most press because of the size and the duration of their Give-Away Ceremony. It interfered with people working at fishing canneries and the Church hated it. The Church felt it was a way to practice ancient religion. They spoke hard to the government about outlawing the Spiritual practices of the Indian. The police also didn't want Indians gathering. They wanted to stop the problem of "old warriors stirring up the young warriors with their battle stories".

In any case, the Give-away was and is a very good part of the Indian custom. Some have lost that way, but it is coming back. Science backs the good value of the Give-Away. Even if you are not the Spiritual, holy roller, new-ager, type person, than perhaps the cold impartial findings of science will persuade you into giving away your stuff. When you Give-Away you expect something in return. Yes, it's all about us. What you expect is good feelings. You expect good thoughts, good prayers for you and your family. You expect that people will think of you in a good way. They will send good energy, good spirits your way. That is what you want. You want to make people feel good by giving them something, and in return you get something in return as well.

My family tries to do the Give-away for some of our Celebrations. Not only Christmas practice but a element of our lives. I hope it continues on to the children. You give stuff away that you like.

I really want my kids to live a happy good life. Hopefully by being generous folk we can achieve that.

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