Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clarence Twotoes
Clarence Twotoes, This guy is funny. I like his stuff.

I joined his group on facebook. He was recently posting about how some people are upset with his comedy and that he is not "tradish", or he is hurting the image of Indians or something to that effect.

The Indian Factor, ("member, I spoke about it before?")it causes us to be hard on ourselves. Sometimes it's the jealous factor but sometimes its "I am more Indian than you factor" or "I am more Traditional than you factor". We run into those people all the time. Take themselves way to much. "We need to pray", we need to thank the Spirits, we need to humble. Yeah we know. We see an ant on the ground, "offer some tobacco to the Spirits". Yeah we know, you have a relationship with the Creator that is more special than ours. Yeah we know.

We don't say goodbye in our custom, Yeah we Know!!! I remember I went on a trip to Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. When we were leaving this fellow that we were visiting, I said "good bye" to the guy. Murray, my buddy I was traveling with, said we Indians don't say goodbye. Holy heck I was mad. Fucking guy I could have beat him up right there. You know he was cutting me up in his way. Yeah I know, we say G'waabaamin or G'waabaamigo; I'll see you or I'll see you as you are. Yeah we know. Holy heck these guys sometimes. We were together all the time on the trip, and he runs me like that. Heck anyway!

Back to this Ryan aka Clarence Twotoes. He is funny. If I could post a video on this page, but I don't know how to do that. Just can post a link for you to see.

Believe or not there are people who really REALLY talk like thish (Clarence).

I don't know the guy in person, but heck I am a fan of his stuff. I think we need more guys to show Indian humour.

People are always talking about how great our humour is, but man we seem to be crabby even more. :D


  1. I had a verbal tussle the other day with some yokel about just that. I'm more religious than you, more devout, like I give a fig. This guy just wouldn't stop. Not very "religious" of him now was it? Finally I had to give out the verbal "ghetto stomp", and then he left, but dang. I just can't stand these "holier than you" people, when they put their pants on one leg at a time same as we do.

  2. It is crazy, that some people believe that they have a closer relationship with God/Creator/Spirits than the average person. That's okay, but when they use it as a club on you, than that is what bugs me.