Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vegas Baby! Indian in Vegas!

Still Celebrating my turning fifty years old. Suz took me to Las Vegas Nevada. Holy it was hot! Who the heck left the oven on? That's what it felt like when you went outside. The fake rocks on some of the buildings were like charcoal, Hot! The amount of people on the small skinny sidewalks was amazing. If you are scared of getting germs on you, don't venture outside. If you like to bump into people that are looking up at the sky, good place to be. If you like stepping on the backs of peoples' feet, a great place to try out your "oops! I'm sorry" line. You know when you step on the back of their feet and they turn to be angry and you make that puppy dog eye look and say with all the sweetness you can muster and say oops, sorry.
We stayed at the Palazzo. HOLY heck, that place is awesome!!! You see the movie Hangover? Well picture that room. Except smaller. On the forty first floor with a view of the Las Vegas strip. Having those kind of curtains that uses a remote control to open and close them. Open, close, Open, close. "STEVE!!! Quit fucking around with that remote!" Oops, I'm sorry.
Back home now and hanging with the babies. Speaking of babies. Holy heck, there were lots of young girls walking around there in Vegas. Skimpy outfits. Some very classy and happy looking. All walking around with these real big plastic bottles of some type of coloured drink. Some of those bottles were three feet tall. There were even this plastic guitar containers with a straw sticking out of them. The girls and maybe some guys, wore them like a guitar and there were some kind of liquid in them. Each of these containers must have held two to three litres. Holy heck, that's a lot of booze to be drinking by ONE person.
I didn't even spend five cents on any gambling machines. Not that I don't gamble. I do buy lotto tickets. The slots just seem so stupid and boring. Why go all the way to Vegas and sit at one spot for the whole time you are there. You miss out on the sights, sounds, the buildings, the people watching. People watching, now that is entertainment. I would go back there in a minute. Not today or anything, but maybe next year or a few years later. Guess that's not a minute. But it's a heck of thing, going to Vegas, a heck of a thing.

I remember my first trip to Vegas, it was in 1981. Sure was different. I got into a fight at the airport on my way back to Canada. Actually, it wasn't a fight as it was more of a mauling. I got mauled, beat up by this fat white drunken Canadian. A guy coming back on our flight. It was scary. The guy started the fight by blowing smoke in my face as we were in line at some airport store, getting a magazine for the flight. I turned and looked at him and he blew more smoke in my face, and said "what you going to do about it?" I laughed at him, called him an asshole and left the store. He came out mad looking and I waved at him, "hi asshole". He came over to me and punched me in the head. Then all hell broke lose. We were fighting. My hair got pulled out and I had a big bald spot on the top of my head; my coat was all ripped up and so was my shirt. My neck was all scratched up. Damn asshole. The cops were going to throw us in jail. That damn guy who was beating me, had family yelling that we started it. My friend at the time, jumped in to the fight and saved me from a bitch of good beating. It was funny. He leaped in the air like a pro-rassler. He bulldogged the guy. Like in the movies. People were screaming. It was a small airport. So people were all around. The cops were big. They were giving us the hard time. All the time my friend, another Indian guy, was yelling at them, "go ahead throw us in jail, we get this in Canada all the time". Holy heck I was scared. First time really out in the States. Had no money. What were the jails like here? Will I be a play thing? Holy heck, Please stop yelling at the cops.
Any way the cops just wanted us on the plane and gone. Holy heck it was a heck of a first trip. When I first went there. I played the slots. Coins came out the machines with all this great noise. It felt like you won a million bucks. I played the dollar slot coins. They used real, REAL dollar coins in the states. I must have won a hundred bucks. I put all those coins in my pockets and my pants were falling down, those coins were so heavy. I didn't know that those little plastic pails were for your coins.

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