Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you followers of the blog

Kitchi-Meeqwitch to you guys. I feel really good in having my blog read and having you sign on as people that follow.

I hope to say out loud things floating around in my head and things I notice around. I might decide to speak about other things than just moldy old Indians. One thing I admire is the people that can write funny. Not just funny stories, but write funny. That is hard to do.

I like to read the other blogs. Sometimes I forget which blogs I comment on because I don't follow them all.

I hope I'm not looking like I am sucking up or anything, just wanted to acknowledge your presence here. You know "announce your presence with authority".


  1. Kia ora Steve,
    May not always leave a comment, but your place has certainly become a regular stop for me on my "rounds". Underneath your writng about your own people you actually write about far more because you make me ask myself questions. That has to be good. Rave on!

  2. I think being able to share your life stores is a great gift. I struggle to make a comment. I can relate with alot of what you are saying. Keep healthy and keep writing.