Sunday, January 9, 2011

CBQM: National film board of Canada offers films online

 The National Film Board of Canada nfb has some real good videos that you should check out. If they have it online, look for the "last days of Okak". It is a real eye opening account of the "virgin soil" epidemic; the Spanish Flu. How it devastated a hunting and trapping community.  First hand account of the horror of an epidemic. Many different films for many different tastes. Hope you find something to enjoy.

"This full-length documentary pays tribute to CBQM, the radio station that operates out of Fort McPherson, a small town about 150 km north of the Arctic Circle in the Canadian Northwest Territories.

Through storytelling and old-time country music, filmmaker and long-time listener Dennis Allen crafts a nuanced portrait of the “Moccasin Telegraph,” the radio station that is a pillar of local identity and pride in this lively northern community of 800 souls."

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  1. For those in Montreal, the NFB has a "Cinematheque" where you can go and watch all their movies for free, including the ones not on their site. I was finally able to see Tracey Deer's "Mohawk Girls" about teens growing up in Kahnawake. Her other documentary about the Indian Act's "blood quantum" (Club Native) is also great. Too bad they're not on the site.

    But this film is really good too, and it is: The Return of the G'psgolox Pole. About the repatriation of a totem pole from Sweden to a tribe on the BC coast! It's touching.

    I'll bookmark the two you recommended, though the one about the flu looks very sad. :-(