Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing Donovan Courchene

My boy Donovan would have been 26 years old January 17. I know it is a burden to keep talking about him. That is one of the things I can not and will not do, is to stop talking about my son. I know there is two lives we have, the life before the death, and the life after the death.

My son liked the music I had. He liked the cd by the Chieftains, "the long black veil". It is something that can't leave you, is the music you shared with your loved ones.

Sorry to bring it up about my son but been feeling really really low this past while. My Mom's birthday was also on the 12th of January. She left five months before my boy did.

Take care people and hope you have a good winter. Try get some vitamin D or Sun.


  1. This is a beautiful post .
    you should never stop talking about your ds !
    I think in all things painful such as death of a loved one , abuse etc. the pain may eventually lift but memory is always there . It is ours and often it is a great help to ourselves & others to share those memories.
    I also love the picture on the right sharing food with Don ☺
    I love the small cemetaries I 've taken our kids always to visit the graves and we walk among the trees and pray .one time though when I wasn't watching them they got covered in spruce sap from popping the bubbles on the trees ! my mum finally used kerosene to get that sap off . it was a funny event .
    Have you been to the cemetary at Traveres Bay it is beautiful and graves throughout the pines it is very peaceful place .
    again thank You for sharing the memory of your ds with us

  2. Hey Thanks. I don't believe I have been to that place. I go to traverse bay once in a while. This Guy Glen Larouque fixes skiddoes and quads at his house.
    I went to the grave site in Swan lake. They have little house structures over their sites.
    Traverse Bay has some nice area. Lot of pine, sand.

  3. Really really sad at this very moment. Hard to keep going. I wonder how in heck do they do it. How do people continue to live? There are times when the music must stop. When you decide that is it, too much pain. To stop the pain.
    Oh well another day goes by.

  4. Missing my Boy so much. It is something you never wish on anyone. You want the best for your child. You would give your life for them.