Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't you wish that...

...you could walk up to Harvey Levin and punch him right in the face?

I know, I know, what the heck does Harvey Levin, the guy who runs that TMZ television gossip show, have to do with Indians? I don't think anything. I just don't like the guy or the show. It's like a car wreck, you can't look, you don't want to look, but you god-damn look. It's like that with everyday life. You just want to kick someone in the crotch. Not because they are bad people, but they annoy the heck out of you. I mean just look at him. With that god damn grin. Making money. Laughing. Joking. Sheesh. Punch him in the face. Yeah that's right, right in the god damn face.
That TMZ is just a bad show. They ambush people with the cameras and no matter how the person reacts, the show people ridicule or try to humiliate them. What is appealing about that?

It's like people, having to talk with the blowhard. The gal or guy that does nothing but brag about this and that. You are mildly happy for them, but it does get a bit much. Or the person who is constantly complaining or spouting racist put downs. Enough already. If I want to hang with racists I will join the Klan or spout out my own junk. Or better yet I will watch a movie with Martin Lawrence. Another annoying god damn bugger. Always with the head slanted. He spoiled that movie Death at a Funeral. What the heck? A good movie spoiled. Punch him right the face too. That god damn annoying as heck actor. That's right I said it, actor.

And some more nonsense:

I went with Suz to see the movie True Grit, the new version. I liked it. I laughed at this one scene. If you haven't seen the movie I hope to not spoil this one joke, so click off. Anyway at the start of the movie these guys are going to be hanged. Each speaks before the hangman puts on their hoods. The third guy is this long haired kind of big Indian. He is about to say, "before I am hanged, I want to say..." and the hood is placed over his head and the bottom drops quickly. I laughed as this was funny. I know that some people, Other Indians, didn't like it. I laughed because it was funny. And if you are looking for some deep meaning, well it's plain funny. You can read a lot into it, but it is funny.
I did see the John Wayne version and I did read the book. This movie is good. Lucky Ned is played by Barry Pepper and he did as good a job as Robert Duvall.

On tweets (twitter) this Indian guy was all upset over the scene of the Indian getting hanged and not being able to finish his sentence. Man that is sad. He don't know what laughter is. And he don't know what irony is. He don't know what caricature is. He don't know what exaggerism is. He don't know what funny is.

There are many Indians that don't know how to laugh. Not because something is funny. But laugh because something is funny that shouldn't be funny. Like the scene in one John Wayne movie where there is a big shoot-out and an Indian is walking around through it all with a bottle, he is drunk and saying where's the whiskey? That was funny. Funny because it was so wrong. We laugh, not at ourselves but how dumb some people are. To put that out there. Enough explaining. When you have to explain, than you know they are not getting it.

I am a fan of the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges. Bridges was great in the Fisher King and Fearless. The Big Lebowski is of course a great piece of work. The dialogue is what sucks you into the movie. It's funny subtle and over the top in some places. I enjoyed it. That is also what is great with the True Grit movie, the characters and they way they speak with each other.

I would like to see more Indians in films. With a bit of controversy brewing about Johnny Depp playing Tonto in the Lone Ranger remake, I would most likely go and see it anyway. Depp claims to have Cherokee heritage. In any case I like movies where you can see Indians portrayed, even stereotypical.

January 17 was called Blue Monday. I guess this is the time of year that people feel the shittyest. You know because of the long winter season, not getting enough Sunlight and vitamin D. For the northern hemisphere I guess.

p.s. In case you didn't know I was fooling around when I was talking about Harvey and the other stuff. ;-)

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  1. I can't stand that guy either but I am so glad you posted how great True Grit is because now I for sure want to see it !