Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Basket Social at Thunderbird House. Anishaa

Just an idea that I will send to Stephanie, Chrissy and Rose over at the Thunderbird House. 

Basket Social Thunderbird House.  Anishaa (for the fun of it)
Rationale: A Basket Social is a social event that brings people together to share their talents and their goods with the community. People make and decorate baskets of various sizes, styles, shapes and fill those baskets with all sorts of amazing goodies, gifts, food and prizes. People in the crowd bid on the Basket as the auctioneer rattles off the amounts. The Basket is carried and even danced around the community hall or house for people to see. The Basket Social has not always been part of the Aboriginal culture, but it was embraced in the Aboriginal community. The Basket Social brings the opportunity to have fun, socialize and to support each other in the Aboriginal Community.
The Basket Social has been dying out in the Aboriginal community. A number of Aboriginal communities still have Basket Social events  but there has been little activity in the City of Winnipeg for a Basket Social. Thunderbird House is going to bring back the Basket Social and invites the wider community to take part. Another opportunity for the main stream and Aboriginal community to come together.
Thunderbird House will not only bring the larger community together with the Aboriginal community through the Basket Social but TBhouse will use the event to launch their fundraising strategy.
Activity:  Stephanie, Chrissy and Rose will send out a public announcement and invitations to various entities in the City of Winnipeg, seeking their participation in the Basket Social. Public and Private sector will be challenged to make baskets for the event.  The making of the Baskets will be fun for the organizations and individuals participating. It is a chance to be creative with the basket design and have groups trying to see who makes the “best” basket. Think of it as a parade with baskets, instead of great floats you have great baskets. The ‘surprise’ factor is another element of the Basket Social. The great gifts inside the baskets could range from chocolates to vacation trips, flashlights, shoes, artworks, socks, IPODS, colouring books, jewelry, moccasins and a host of other surprises.
Entertainment of fiddle music and singers will be asked to set the mood of the event. Ray St. Germaine will be asked to play music at the social. The event is not a dance but will have a “smattering” of music for entertainment.   Some jigging will also take place with the crowd encouraged to dance.  Clarence TwoToes will be asked to act as the auctioneer of the baskets. Once the participants have been confirmed, a media release will be sent out to various media outlets. TBH will get 40 confirmed basket makers.
At the mid-way point of the Basket Social, Stephanie and the Board of TBH will make the announcement of their fund raising strategy. They will announce their “celebrity faces” for the strategy. Rosanna Deerchild, Wab Kinew will be the face of the Fund Raising Strategy. TBH will have their financial statements available for public, a list of activities, a Board and company profile.  TBH will seek audience and partnerships with various philanthropy organizations for their support and technical guidance.
The target goal of the 2011 to 2012 year will be outlined. (for example a goal of one million dollars)
*names are examples of who could be asked to participate as MCEE or Auctioneer, or be the face of the fund raising strategy.
Invitations: the key to a successful event is participation, confirmation of participation, and confirming by contact of participants. Contact requires follow-up, i.e. personal contact.

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  1. It feels so good, being part of history being made :)