Friday, February 4, 2011

Heard you been talkin' bout me?

My brother in law Smiley and I were friends as kids. Not best friends but did alright. He lived about a half-mile (a kilometer) away from the school. We were about 14 years old. He asked me to come with him. Poody and his brother Waab lived not too far away from Smileys. Smiley had an older brother Merv. Merv was a fantastic fighter. But in this case Smiley asked me to come with him. He was going to fight Poody.
We caught up to Poody on the road close to his house. I was only there just in case his brother was around. To make sure two of them didn't jump on Smiley.
So we walk up to Poody on the highway and Smiley says "heard you been talkin' bout me?".  Poody says "Let me go home and change my shoes". So Poody walks away and goes to his house. We stood around on the road talking with each other. I don't recall how long it took, but "I don't think this guy is coming back?".

Old Poody sure pulled a good one.

Funny how kids are. I don't think that kind of thing would happen these days. I believe that for what ever reason kids are wiser. If not wiser, more aware. Like childish things are not for children anymore. No more pretending to play with imaginary men in war or other games> Kids seem to have different interests. It is not cool to be a kid for too long. I worry about that. I know every kids wants to grow up, but I like the child who can laugh at farts or just laughs because they like to laugh.

Too much sadness and trouble in growing up. I prefer  kids that are kids. Dumb as knobs. Happy as a puppy in a pile of stink.

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