Sunday, February 13, 2011

If you could read my mind - goodbye bluesky

Hey Folks.
Sorry for not posting anything of interest. Having some real real hard days and want to contribute but stuck.
Stuck in  a sad place.
Guess that's the thing about being depressed. It can be like a big heavy weight on you and you can't get over it.
I tried to get out by going over to the Thunderbird House in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To visit with the Women that work there. Good people.
I wanted to thank them for their support and use of the TBHouse last year when we did our Gathering for Survivors of Suicide Loss.
I thought going over there would boast me up. And it did. I wrote out a Thank you card for Chrissy. She is the first person I met over there last year. And there is the other woman in charge, Stephanie. A nice person. So I went and looked around for some moccasins to take them. I went to an Aboriginal owned craft shop called Neechi Foods to get the slippers. They usually have lots in stock from the local Women in the northend of the city. No such luck this day. So I went to another craft shop. One that is in a little house in the city. I didn't seek anyone out, like a cousin to make them, as I didn't plan on getting the slippers.
I found some nice ones at this place Bessies. There are always Neechies at the little shop getting their beading and craft supplies.
At the TBHouse, they make sure you take off your shoes to not damage the floor. I saw Chrissy had very worn out slippers so it was appropriate gift. And turns out someone stole Stephanies slippers as well. She was away sick, so I didn't speak with her.
I also was hoping to speak with them about this years Gathering. I have been so slow to act on anything. So have to push myself. It shouldn't have to be a push for me, because I like to do it, need to do it, want to do the Gathering again.
In any case enjoy the videos I am posting for now.

Thanks (Meegwetch)


Been having a heck of a time this past while. I am struggling these days, but guess it goes like that.

Oh to go back and fix the mistakes


  1. Kia ora Steve,

    I know how you feel bro.

    Your posts are always interesting - I've been thinking about the eagle feather post recently - it really was thought-provoking and informative - I learned a lot - thanks for that.

    Kia kaha e hoa (stay strong friend)

  2. I would like to say I know how you feel, but I don't. I do care about how you feel and I hope you rise out of your depression soon. You are an important part of me understanding the heritage that was lost to my family. Your posts give me some insight to what it was like and what it may be again.
    Thanks, :)