Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day Winnipeg & a Tattoo

West Coast Native Art style

60's Style Woodpecker and pin up girl - Thrush mufflers?

Like the Transformer movie style
Walking around Winnipeg on Canada Day (July 1st) I couldn't help but notice all the different tattoo artwork on people. Some of it is too busy that I could not make out what it was. Some tattoos were cartoonish, while some were simple and many were elegant. I like the art work. I am a little aware of how much a Tattoo can mean to someone. For some it's a statement of their individuality, while others it is a sign that they are not conforming to society's image of what is proper. For some it is a deep cultural connection. And for many it is a calendar. A calendar of some event, important in their life.

I remember this one fellow years ago had a tattoo of a "joint" on his arm. He told me it was a part of who he was; he liked to smoke dope. To me it was dumb. But to each their own. When I think back I guess it was important to him and was a part of him. I have a couple of art pieces as well and I like to think that the art represents part of who I am. I have some Maori friends and I know Tattoo is a very special part of who they are.

I took a few pictures while we were out walking around, but missed out on some great work. Still here are a few of the people walking around the city.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
A skull in yellow

Alice in Wonderland Disney style

Not sure of the style, but it shows you where to look

Death. I think

Roses and Brass Knuckles

Biker Style 60's

Asia style Dragon

Pretty, fun and happy

Menora perhaps or Chandelier

Too bad I didn't get the whole picture, than it might have made sense


Sea Horse


  1. As a teen I saw bikers in the neighborhood-they had many tatoos.I asked my Elders if our warriors had tatoos.They told me there was no tatoos in the history of my clan."A warrior has scars"-they explained.Today I have many scars,some not so pretty but I like them because they remind me about the lesson I've received from the Elders.Warrior's path is written in scars,not in tatoos.

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