Monday, July 11, 2011

Manitoba Flood: A benefit for some.

The Province of Manitoba in Canada is experiencing the worst flooding it has seen in modern history. If it's not the worst flood in Manitoba's history, the flood sure is getting the most media coverage of Manitoba's history. Regardless, the flood is devastating. Devastating on both sides of the U.S. and Canada borders.
Many farmers, home owners, businesses, cottage owners and towns are being affected. People have lost their homes in the town of Minot.  It is the same for a number of towns in Manitoba.

Lot of lives are going to be affected negatively. My in-Laws have a small cattle Farm in the Interlake region by way of Lake Manitoba. They are going to be left with the decision whether or not to continue farming. It is already difficult for them to continue being a farmer: with the cost of fuel, the crazy weather (drought and flooding in a couple of seasons) and the problem of no Hay for the cattle. Hay land is flooded out all over the Interlake region. Hay fields will not be able to be cut and bailed.

So with the people of Manitoba fed up with the flooding, who do they turn to? Everyone turns to the government of the day for answers. It looks like no one really has answers for the flood problems. The province has tried to mitigate the flood damage to high population areas, but that has left some areas to fend for themselves. Or the flooding efforts have led to some purposely flooding of areas. This is not sitting good with people. The people are tired, angry, exacerbated by the governments response to the floods and they need an outlet for their feelings.

With a provincial election in the next 4 months, the people are going to express their anger at the situation through votes. The government is helpless to combat this. Who will benefit from the situation of the flood? The opposition will benefit. The Conservative Party of Manitoba will be the beneficiaries of Misery ( flood victim).
Those lucky bastards are going to come in and sweep the elections this October in Manitoba. All because of Natural disasters. Funny thing, you don't hear a peep out of them on how they could help the situation. What would they do differently if they were the ruling government in this time of flood?  Nope the Conservatives are not offering alternatives, advice or guidance. They are sitting back gloating and waiting.

People vote with emotion. Emotions are definitely high. It is a shame that some have to vulture off the misery of others. Nature of politics I guess.

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