Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aboriginal people are Crazy!

You want to know something, Indians are nuts. No, it's true. I know, I know it sounds cruel, because there are so many good people out there that show us that they are fine. But Indians are nuts.Okay I admit it, not all are nuts but there are some people out there that do strange things. So strange that you would think they are nuts.  Yeah, sure you say that it is not inherent to one group of people but to all races. I guess that could be true, but I'm talking about Indians here, the North American kind, you know, the yip yip yaahoo yaahoo kind (as portrayed in Disney's Peter Pan or Hanna Barberas Quick Draw McGraw). Of course you may not know that I love Indians. Some of my best relatives, sisters, brothers, parents, cousins and kids are Indians. Still I may be wrong but Indians are nuts. I am going to talk about people here, so you may get the idea that I am calling them nuts. Not at all. I mention them because I want to contrast the sane with the insane. Some of these people are very sane and not nuts at all. Who the heck am I to call anyone nuts anyway?

Take this guy for example: Robbie Knievel breaks record Motorcycle Jump at  Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Casino. Now I don't know if this is what you call a nut-bar, I don't know. Maybe he is just adventurous. Yeah, that's it, he is an 'outside the box' thinking type guy. Yeah that's it. A person of great intellect and grandiose spirit. I like that. He's not nuts. Not sure if he is Indian, but that's the kind of strange behaviour I am talking about. People who do and say things the normal, average, individual may not be inclined to do. Lot of Indians are crazy in ways like that, but they are crazy in subtle ways as well. You know those people that have 20 cats kind of crazy. But not the "baby cooking crazy". The subtle crazy is what you can't really get a hand on, but it's there. People of Aboriginal heritage know it well. They see the signs: Got a big dog in the yard but no dog house. Have a car but no drivers license. Have a canoe but no paddles. Sleep all day and walk around all night. Go to AA for the free coffee and treats. Yell at the Chief because the screens on the windows are gone. Yell at the Chief just because she/he is the Chief. That's the kind of crazy they recognize, those Indians.

I see many people in my Reserve that are nuts. They hang from Trees. Can you imagine that? They have a stick shoved through their skin and they are hanged from a Tree. Crazy, I know.
Sundance 1900's
Yes, they are crazy, but really they are crazy for life. They do the Piercing as part of a ritual in a Ceremony. So I can see that they are not at all crazy but really quite sane. However, there are others that do it, the piercing thing.  They are the people that  make us see the difference between nuts and not nuts. Not sure of the reason behind this, but hey if it makes them feel good, well 'all-ridey then'.They seem to pierce for the sake of piercing. Hooks here and there. Some even pierce the naughty bits of their body.
Shark girl with hooks
Hanging from hooks

Rae Schwarz wrote an article explaining this hanging from hooks thing. She seems sane, but stupid. A quick read of the article has the hanging of hooks as somehow connected to the Sacredness of the Sundance Ceremony and the sacrifice people make at that Ceremony. ??? WTF??? Exactly. In any case it's ART. Good for them. Crazy and nuts but good for them. One person's crazy is another person's art.

Bad Eagle American Patriot
There is this fellow in the United States, called David Yeagley and he has this site called Bad Eagle. Now I am not calling this guy nuts are anything. I just wanted to share his site. He is an American patriot and his site is dedicated to American patriots.  Here is what he writes:
" Liberal American Indians protest the use of the name "Geronimo" in the Bin Laden killing operation.  They think they are standing up for American Indians, but they are shilling for white liberals.  Contrary to their Indian chauvinist pretenses, they have betrayed and denigrated every sense of Indian honor, and no doubt contributed to the depression and alarming suicide rate among Indian youth. " 

I guess the Liberal Indian had a hand is the direct link to Aboriginal Suicide. Maybe I can see that if I look real hard while hanging from metal hooks.  I read some of Yeagleys online forum and think that many of his colleagues or followers are nuts. Crazy with a capital "C". I am not sure if you can be judged by the company you keep. But I do see that some people tend to stay away if they think someone is crazy. Not sure if crazy is hanging out with people who are interested in seeing your people disappear, but that is something different.

Grand Chief Phil Fontaine - Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Look at former Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Mr. Phil Fontaine. Phil Fontaine is a smart guy and certainly not crazy. He knows crazy when he sees crazy. Phil is from our Reserve. His Dad and my Kokum were brother and sister. Phil is the poster Indian for success. Smart, charismatic, well spoken, educated, speaks Ojibway, has triumphed over the Catholic Church indecencies and has had the Pope grovel (well not really, the Pope didn't do a public apology but rather a closed door sorry and oops) and apologize to him. Now that is one smart Indian and NOT crazy. He can spot crazy. That is why he surrounds himself with the non-Aboriginal. He knows Aboriginal people are crazy. He does not want to get that crazy stigma. So he stays away from Indians, aka Aboriginal people. Now that is smart. He knows about insider crazy that other Indians know about. The kind of Indian crazy where a guy will go over to your house when he knows you are away just so he can talk to your woman. Or the kind of crazy where he/she uses your name to try and get a free hotel room or meal at a restaurant.

Another fellow that is smart is this guy: Notice how he has the Headdress neatly (strategically) situated to sit on his head.
Chief oops, Senator Patrick Brazeau.
Senator Patrick Brazeau. Brazeau is an Algonquin from Quebec. He is the youngest person to be named Senator for Canada. He was picked by the political Right Conservative government. Brazeau made his name known as the leader of the group, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. Not sure what this group does but he was the leader. Brazeau is like the American Patriot Yeagley, in that Brazeau is a Canadian patriot and fights against the left thinking Indian. Because of his "right minded" thinking the Prime Minister of Canada made Brazeau the Indian on the Senate. A good choice for the Right. Now that is some smart thinking. Brazeau has been using his new found platform really well. Putting down any and all left political parties that are debating for Canadian Indians. 
Brazeau is not crazy, he knows that it is better to be in the camp than sitting outside the camp. He's not crazy just mixed up or jealous of the Indian crazy. Who knows?

This is one thing I imagine must make Phil Fontaine crazy, nuts,  is that Phil was a very loyal member and advocate of the Left minded Liberal Party and they never made him Senator. Now that is nuts.Those liberal bastards. They had their chance to show how fair minded they were/are but didn't come across. Now isn't that a kick in the head. A party that is anti-social, anti-people, anti-Indian appoint an Indian to the Senate. A plum position like that? But yet this social conscious minded, friend of the Indian government failed to make similar moves? Now that is nuts. 

Kahentinetha Horn, 71, publisher of Mohawk Nation New
There is this one person that I know must be nuts. She constantly gets attacked for talking and walking. She is harassed, kicked beaten but yet she will not keep her mouth quiet. Now that is nuts. If you put your hand on fire and keep getting it burned, burnt, wouldn't you stop? Now that is exactly the thing I am talking about. This lady was in the hospital recently as a result of her constant talking. Talking about how Indians are being abused, stolen from, being wronged at every turn from the government. And what has this talk gotten her. Nothing but abuse, neglect and scorn from others. That lady is Kahentinetha Horn. I don't know Ms Horn, but she must be nuts! Being subject to all sorts of abuse and still she keeps talking and speaking about Indian abuse. Man that is crazy. 

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