Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aboriginal Circle

@wabkinew "I hear a lot of people say the Native community needs heroes, well we already have our heroes, so lets take a moment to remember them."


  1. People often say « We need heroes »or « we need leaders »thinking about our great ancient ones. Funny thing-what would happen to them now? Would they even stand a chance to grow up? Would they be bullied to death for their principles, beaten up by drunken “warriors”? And if they survived, how would they be treated? Listened to? Respected? Valued ?I bet any charismatic potential leader would be on first pages of newspapers as “not a full blood”, a crook, a liar…How many of us would believe in this crap and how many would participate in the smear campaign because of jealousy and “competition”? I bet FBI would say: “Oh, yeah, this guy is our agent”. How strong would be our trust, our loyalty ?Do we deserve people who sacrify their family life, their comfort, their health and their lives to unite us and to makes us a society of honour and dignity?

  2. That is so true. We live in hard times. Especially hard on our own people.