Friday, February 10, 2012

Circle of Life Gathering: Healing our Grief. Suvivors of Suicide

Suicide is an ugly thing. I know. I lost my son to suicide.

Friends and family of mine have organized Gatherings to help people coping with suicide loss. This year is going to be our third Gathering. A relative told us to have them four years. So we are going to be putting on the third Gathering on May 29 and 20th in Winnipeg Manitoba. The Thunderbird House has been our champion for the Gathering. They help us immensely. The time they put in and the use of their place is what makes the Gathering possible.

We do not pay anyone to come to the Gathering or do we pay Speakers to come and help people. It is a Gathering done through help of each other. We are very lucky that people donate time, energy, supplies and cash to help in the Gathering. We use those donations at the Gathering with supplying food, wood for Fire, medicines and other supplies. We can't do it without their help.

Although our Gathering is Native focused, the event is open to all people. So we hope that people will join us as we put on this Ceremonial Gathering and try to find ways to cope with Suicide loss.

Take care friends.


  1. The gathering is a great thing to do.Whenever I am,I'll be praying with You and participating as much as possible.May Your wounds turn into scars.

  2. Where can i find more information? I have a lady from our reserve interested in traveling to this...

  3. Just call me at 204-470-5207. You can find information here as well.