Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bruce Willis, the Bulldog.

The new guy.

Watching out for the Cats
Well Chloe and I went out to St. Malo to pick up a Puppy. We drove out tonight. The lady is named Shirley who owned the puppies. Bulldog puppies. She has a nice place way out in the bush. She had three puppies left. So we picked out a male. On the drive back home, Chloe and I decided (tentatively) on the name, Bruce. His full name is Bruce Willis. And the way you say it is like this; bbrrrruce! Not high pitch, bruucie. He is named after the butches actor, manly man called Bruce Willis. You know him? Of Die Hard fame. Jumps off buildings, runs on glass, doesn't cuss, and is forever cool? That is who our puppy is. Our new baby.

Suz doesn't know that we have brought home a pup yet. We have broken the rules. We talked about maybe having a pup in the spring, but no decision. Never mind that Suz and Chloe said if we get a pup it was not to be one of those big faced slubbering dogs. Suz is at a Jan Arden concert and left us all alone. So we called the number on the Kijiji website and went out for an hour ride to the country. Chloe picked the pup, so I am in the clear. Even though Chloe really wanted one of those small non-shedding teacup size puppies, we got Brrruce Willis. Holy heck, she has to come home, about now.

Bruce's Pappa

Just got home
Bruce Willis April 22, 2012

Bruce Willis March 12, 2012


  1. Oh I love it ! your Chloe looks so happy & so do you and it sounds like a really nice outing too .

  2. Did Bruce melt Suz's heart or are You guys in dog house?

  3. Bruce Willis has become a magnet for hugs and kisses, from everyone. :D