Sunday, March 4, 2012

Standing in Our Truth Gathering March 21 -23, 2012

Standing In Our Truth
Gathering March 21, 22, 23, 2012

March 21, 2012 6pm -9pm
Pipe Ceremony – Lawrence Henry. Roseau River Okijidaa
Opening Remarks – Barbara Nepinak, Chickadee Richards, Sheryl Blacksmith
Introductions of Elders/Healers/Teachers/Helpers
What is our goal? What would the people like to see? What are the issues we face? What should our Roles be? Should there be a data base of Elders?
Melvin Swan – Protecting Our People. Role of a Warrior.
Michael Champagne – Moderator
Tea – Coffee & Visiting among the People

March 22, 2012 8am – 5pm
Pipe Ceremony – Margaret Lavalle. Anishinaabe Elder, Grandmothers Council
Opening Remarks – Billie Shibbler, The Grandmothers Council – We are here.
Panel Discussions – Moderator Michael Champagne & TBA
Panel will include the Elders Council of Thunderbird House, Grandmothers Council, Ogichidakwe, Community Based Elders/Teachers/Healers, TBA guests, (panel open for all Elders to participate)

Moderator will provide Panel with topics and questions
Open discussions from Gathering Participants.

Lunch – Volunteers and food donations needed for the Gathering. Please contact Rose at 940-4240 and let her know if you can help with food or your labour. Miigwich.

Presentation – Johnny Hawk – Anishinaabe Ogichidaa Ontario. Living as an Ogichidaa.

Break –

Peter Atkison – Anishinaabe. The Clans and how they are relevant today. What are the Teaching behind the Clans?

Open forum until close

Closing Prayer – Clarence Nepinak - Closing Song. Singers & Drum needed to participate. Please contact Rose.

March 23, 2012 8am – 5pm
Pipe Ceremony – David Blacksmith Community Elder-Healer

Presentation – Comprehensive Community Initiative on Addictions (CCI) – “Should there be an Elders list for the wider community to have access to?” What happens when a person does wrong and how it impacts the community?

Presentation Jo Seenie-Redsky. - What is the impact of colonialism? Do we recognize colonialism in our daily actions?

Panel Discussions: What are our roles? Grandmothers Council will lead the Discussions with their presentations.

Lunch – Volunteers needed and food needed.

Ogichida – Lawrence Henry. Meaning of Ogichida. The Relevance today.

Panel Discussions – Open forum of the Gathering. How do we walk what we say? Working for togetherness. How do we stop abuse in our homes, from rogue Teachers?

Where to from here?


Ceremony Protocol in Place.

Please have your Tobacco, presentations (gifts for Elders), Women Skirts, Moccasins (slippers) Respect and Kindness to your Relatives at the Gathering.

Sage is needed for Smudge.

*This is not a funded Gathering, it is done by the community for the community. Please come and take part in any way that you can.


  1. Miigwech for sharing! I love this flyer!

  2. Oh this looks good Steve ! I will tell our eldest ds he has begun to attend sweats and Thunderbird house I think he might really enjoy connecting with others at this gathering . Thanks for sharing ☺