Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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What do we do? Say hi to a stranger on the bus. Take time to talk to a homeless person? I don't know.

I heard "do something that matters" on a CBC radio interview with Robert Amsterdam.

"Robert Amsterdam is a lawyer with the firm Amsterdam and Peroff. He also blogs on global politics and business at Robert Amsterdam.com." Amsterdam has been fighting for democracy with the cases he takes on. Representing underdogs against entrenched oligarchies, Amsterdam is a man of conviction.

When interviewed he was asked why? He said that it Matters; "to do something that matters". I like that.

Not sure if it applies to the everyday things, but what does matter?

I like to think we can all do something that matters. But there is a degree of what matters isn't there. After all a professional athlete does something that matters; entertainment. As well a Doctor, a police officer, a Fireman/woman does things that matter as well. But I think what Amsterdam was referring to was something else as well. No doubt that people that are in the public service do things that matter.
I also think that other people do things that matter as well, even if in different degrees. The single Mom who feeds their kids and keeps them warm. The person that volunteers at a shelter. The manager that gives her best at running the office or the business. All things matter.

What I hope is that we take the time to appreciate what matters. Everyday things do matter. We need to remember what matters. Life matters. Living matters. Being kind matters. Being respectful matters. Talking up for Right matters.

Saying hi to a stranger matters. Smiling matters.
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Saying Thank you matters.


  1. So true and so often neglected. I once read that a person should follow through on their first thought/instinct. For example, if someone is having a hard time and I think "geez, I should send them a card that says I am praying for them" to DO IT. Not start over thinking it and eventually tell yourself "no that is stupid" or "I don't have time" etc. Just DO IT!!

    Yesterday I gave a goofy "birthday girl" pin and a bag of good chocolates to my co-worker. Something I think of doing for people but then rethink it and end up thinking (gotta' quit doing that, LOL) no I'll look or feel stupid or they will be embarrassed or whatever. Well, I did it and she said "why do you do these things?" and I said because when I turned 50 NO ONE remembered and it hurt. A woman turning 50 is to be celebrated! So maybe I did it for the wrong reason but doing something nice is never wrong, right?

  2. You are so right. Just keep on doing good stuff. I agree with you. People do remember when you do wrong, but they also remember when you do right. What do we want to be remembered for, doing wrong or doing right. Thanks

  3. You and Your blog matter, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Thank You Steve , I hope we can meet in person one day ☺