Sunday, September 4, 2016

Time For Killing The Whiteman

Time for killing the Whiteman is most likely a thought that has crossed the minds of many people of colour. Disturbing to even voice a thought like this. Yet we have all thought about it one time or another.  As absurd as it sounds to want a certain group killed, we do hear many thoughts like this everyday. In the various media you will hear people wanting Women, the LGBTQ, Blacks, Indians, Muslims and various other groups not considered part of the main stream to be killed or hurt, to locked up, to be locked out, to go home, to suffer, to end.

It is an ugly absurd thing to voice. Yet it is there in many media voices stating things like Kill so and so. I would not want to say it... at least now in my older years. A young me would be voicing all sorts of things against all sorts of folk. I know people of different backgrounds. Some are pretty decent folk and others, well some are arseholes. Still it is  one thing to say you don't like someone but it is another thing to want them killed. People can be so cruel.

There is so much hate going on right now it is unreal.  I guess the hate has always been there. Still it is alarming to see it on display on a daily basis. The United States is front and center with their hate of anyone not White.  The police forces of the US have been killing Blacks and Indians at alarming rates.  Britain showed their hate with the refugee community. The media is showing its hate or its complacency in their actions. Europe is hating on the refugee community, who are being killed in their own lands. There are pockets of hate fueled incidents going on over the world.

There is a big gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in South Dakota. They are trying to stop a wrong. They are voicing their disapproval of an oil pipeline. The pipeline is using the police and private security to assault the protectors (they call themselves protectors of the water while police call them protesters).
Ashley Nicole Welch Sending Dogs on people 
People are upset at the Indigenous for trying to stop the Pipe line. People say its jobs. The Indigenous are looking for protection of the future. Lot of voices and lot of different views.

In other areas the Black population is under attack by the Police. While there are some who will say the Black person in each incident deserved what they got, like getting shot by police, others question why? In one instance a White supremacist ran down and killed a young Black man.  Main stream media in its complacency is not reporting a story like this.

The tension between White society and people of colour is rising and its not localized to one city town or even country.

The United States is involved in an air strike campaign that is no doubt causing unimaginable destruction and death. The amount of refugees in different parts of the world are causing mainly White populated countries to  strike out. Ethnic communities are also attacking indiscriminately in those mainly White communities. So the time for killing is certainly upon us.

I think its time. Time for us to really try and have a little understanding. Even practice some kindness. Its a hard call because we are frustrated even a little scared but mostly angry at what is happening.

I get angry when I see a presidential candidate promote hate and is cheered on for the hate. I get angry when the rich faceless corporations do not consider life only profit and greed.

Still I don't want to start thinking of killing the Whiteman or the faceless. I don't want to  call for "Karma" on them either. Still I bet when you are so angry, so frustrated at some of the ugliness in the world you may for a second or a moment want someone to die or be killed.  I admit it. I sometimes think "why in the heck doesn't this person get theirs? They should be hurt and hurt badly. They deserve to die."

Like many I voice to my family my friends and even to strangers about how ugly the hate is.

I wonder how many out there really want someone to be killed? Regardless of background.

* February 9, 2018.  Today a White man who shot and killed an Indian Boy has been found not guilty by a Jury of his peers. It is a day like this when many will think those thoughts. I am one who is angry sad hurt frustrated and at a loss. The outcome was predicable. That's the situation. White people are always given the benefit of doubt while people of color, and other marginalized members of the community will never have that privilege. But does that want me to say time for killing the whiteman? Nope. I may be angry at the majority of the white population but I exclude those white people in my circles; friends and acquaintances because I see them as anomalies rather than the norm. Meaning they are good folks in a sea of loathsome creatures. So I would wish the majority a long and miserable life rather than death. As for the one's in my circle, I wish only Blessing on them and their families.

*June 2018.  Well it is ugly out there. The President and his Goons are stealing children from people, specifically Hispanic people. His spokes-people are in full attack on everyone not agreeing with them. Their Fox Network has long abandoned any pretense of being rationale.
The Presidents wife visited one of the "detention centres" wearing a coat that says I don't care do you?
If ever there was a time when you wished a plague would fall on a certain people this would be it. Do I still say I would not wish them dead? I admit it, I do wish harm to fall on them.
That is what ugly brings.
There is a "man of god, a pastor" who wants god to knock out Sarah Silverman's teeth and kill her.
I guess it must be okay to wish someone dead if a pastor says it?

So if there is a time to start killing the Whiteman, we sure are getting close to it. Sad commentary on the white population isn't it? Sad Commentary on where hate takes us. It tries to bring us to its place.


  1. You just wait till a black man robs you then you will know why they are not liked and are being slaughtered by police and by each other.

    The white man is becoming a minority all you see in winipeg now is asians hindus, exploding muzlims, a LOT of brown people.

    Canada is being overrun by refugee immigrants of ALL types now, not just white trash.

  2. But didn't White folk start off as refugees or immigrants as well.
    In any case Tolerance is a pretty good thing to have.
    Crime can occur in any group.