Sunday, September 4, 2016

Women - the Doormats of Society

There is this handsome young Whiteman who was sentenced to six months for raping or sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Apparently he was too good to be given a proper jail sentence by the Judge. So Women (and some men) are pissed off. Do we blame them?
The idea his life is worth more than the women he assaulted is really the basis of the sentence. He was caught in the act, no question about whether he did or not. So even if men are caught being pigs and vermin, they get the benefit from the system. Women on the other hand...

Making the US news is the Female Judge that sentenced a Mom to jail. This Mom failed to go to court. The court was for her ex-boyfriend on trial for domestic violence. In other news a female sports commentator was put down on twitter by men for being the first female to be a broadcaster for professional baseball. While a football player is flippant about his abuse on his girl friend. He threw her down on the couch that had a bunch of AK47 rifles on it. Today a young Woman in Winnipeg died after being beaten badly to her upper body. She was 20 years old and it was a young man that beat her to death. She had a protection order against the 20 year old man, who had beaten her before.
You don’t have to look very hard to find that Women are getting beaten, getting raped, getting broken in every way and getting killed. For what?  Because of some man that is afraid he doesn’t measure up?  Because she didn’t answer her phone when he called?  Because he feels guilty because he is having sex with someone else? It doesn’t matter why. It matters that someone is getting hurt. When I was  about 25 I worked alongside a very kind and beautiful woman. She was tall brown and just a good person. I liked her. Nothing inappropriate, she was just nice. Her husband was this very big scary athlete type guy. He told her that the loved her so much that if she ever left, he would slash up her face so no one else would have her. We love our Women so much that we are willing to kill them.
Isn’t that so sick? Women are the best things we have in our lives and yet we treat them like they are  the door mats of society. What? Can we change that? Right now we celebrate our violence towards Women. We sing it in our songs and cheer out loud.  “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand? I’m going to shoot my old lady.”  “Hey Joe I heard you shot your lady down…” “Early one morning while making the rounds, I took a shot a cocaine and I shot my woman down…”.  It doesn’t enter our minds that the songs celebrate or highlight violence towards Women. If you turn the tables on a song?  Violence against a man? You get people shouting that the mountains are collapsing. The Dixie Chicks did a song Goodbye Earl.  I think someone shit the bed when this song came out. Radio stations wouldn’t play a song that talked about violence towards men.  Foaming at the mouth crazy over the song’s lyrics. Oh well.?
There are so many people willing to speak out and we need it to continue. We need more and more awareness initiatives.

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