Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where Are The Songs of Protest?

Did you sing along with the protest songs? Some of the songs I heard I didn't even know where protest songs. Like many people I didn't understand or really listen to the words/lyrics. So I looked on line by googling "protest songs" and of course many lists are displayed. There are songs you know are protest songs because the media around the song makes sure you know it is a protest song.

Today I am not sure where the protest song is? There are sure a lot of bad things happening in the world but you don't have Country Joe and the Fish or Barry McGuire belting out songs anymore.  Maybe there are in fact songs out there fighting for social change? Can you share them with us?

I mean if there is a time to have a social change movement its now, don't you think?  People are getting blown up on a daily basis.  For some reason the police in America have decided to wage war on the Black person. Greed is just blossoming everywhere with no regard for any future. Countries are actively engaged in proxy wars while maintaining they are not involved. Passenger Jets can be shot out of the sky and no consequence.  The World is drying up and greed is winning. Too many social ills to mention.

I remember growing up in the 60's and 70's there were active voices. XIT Plight of the Redman was an album that every Indian had to have. There are some good voices out there but their voices are not being heard by the masses.

Rap music didn't really resonate with me but you have to admit some of their words are so powerful.  Maybe that is where most of the voices are?

Ladies and gentlemen I'm about to introduce
A smooth groove that I just produced
so don't dance or prance move your head to the rythem
As we scan this land that we live in this place with racism
C A N A D A Canada I'm watchin the decay everyday
Young minds are beein mentally crushed
and mushed in thanks to men like Rushton
And others who wanna smother the dream
Of a black mind revolutionary regime
We gotta redeem ourselves from the chain
By removing all stains of the chain on the brain
we gotta roll with force
cause the clan on some move in the great white north
We gotta hurdle the system
Cause hate penetrates multi-culturalism
Listen I want an explanation
Why are Mohawk's being kicked out of their reservations
And beein put in misery
Stealin their land to create sporting facilities
The native man of the land is who your killin
And then got the nerve to celebrate Thanksgiving
Claiming every man is equal
I hate to see what yall got planned for my people
I tell my brothers and sisters to read the signs
to open their eyes cause it's time
to get together no time to stall
Cause without togetherness we got nothin at all
Brother (x2)
We got nothing at all 
Nothing at all
Brother my brother
We got nothing at all
Nothing at all
My first album Symphony In Effect went platinum
In Canada that made me the first black one
to ever reach that goal
I even got offered a movie roll
I turned it down I didn't wanna be no star
Portrayin a nigga that dwells behind bars
They wanted me to act like a prisoner
That ain't positive at all thats just givin a
Negative image of black men forget it
LTD what did I tell em I ain't with it
I'd rather work on my sound and stay down
And move and groove with the underground
God gave me the gift to write
I shed light on the on the blind with a rhyme when I recite
A fresh poem, a page or stage or a story or glory
Not derogatory
I never walk the streets with my nose high
Frontin like I'm so fly I never pose high
Why cause I made a little money I'm still viewed as an S L A V E see
It doesn't matter how good you can rap jack
It doesn't matter how much money you stack 
Cause your black without knowledge of self your trapped
and gonna fall
with nothin at all
Brother (x2)
We got nothing at all 
Nothing at all
Brother my brother
We got nothing at all
Nothing at all
Third verse how should I start this
I'll talk about my homie Egerton Marcus
A brother from Toronto who's god damn great
Olympic middleweight champ in 88
He excelled to the second highest level in Korea
bringin home a silver medal
Made the papers for a couple of days and that was it
Huh the media wasn't sayin shit
To keep it short and keep it simple and plain
If Egerton was whit he'd be a household name
With commercials and endorsments like Sauna Sullivan
Livin large and everybody would be lovin him
Well he's my brotha so I give him recognition
I sell allot of records so the kids are gonna listen
To all the boys and girls
Ben Johnson's still the fastest brotha in the world
Don't let the media dictate be pro black
Cause Jimmy Swaggart got his TV show back
Therefore we as a race should support
Black achievement never let society distort
Your mind away from comprehension
Cross cultural pride is what I'm tryin to strengthen
And lengthen, I want you swingin to my melody
Just last year the Miss Canada was ebony
To the blacks, whites, yellow and browns
Maestro Fresh-Wes is down
With everyone but I must say loud
Like trash I'm black and god dammit I'm proud
To be able to reach and teach while i cash checks
Tour all over the world and collect respect
In every area puttin my fans in hysteria
Showin the black man was never inferior
Now everybody's gotta do this

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