Sunday, January 15, 2017

"And Let's No Forget the Women Ya All. Our Women Folk"

“And let’s not forget the Women ya all. Our Women folk.”

The Message is?
The Message is?
This has been the Summer of Walking. There are many initiatives going on in Canada and around the world that are aimed at protecting, supporting or remembering Women.  In Canada you can find numerous people and groups that want the public to know Women are cared for and are not forgotten.
It is a good movement. There are many good movements out there.  In British Columbia a group has started the Moose Hide campaign.  It is an awareness idea started to help curb the violence by Men towards Women and Children, Native Women.  It is like many other awareness campaigns going on in the world: Yellow Ribbon, Wear Pink, Poppies, and other initiatives. I think anything that can make us more aware is worthwhile.
We need to be aware. You know why?  How can we correct or check ourselves if we don’t know?  How do I know I am being an arse if there are no indicators that tell me? In society we generally know if we are being an arse (or as we usually say an “Ass” with a capital A) because of the many indicators. Like a punch right in the face. That is a good indicator that you are being an Ass. Or maybe an indicator is the stink eye you get from that old lady with the white curly hair and the red lipstick. But there are some things that we don’t even know are going on. We don’t know many times what the message is. So how can we be aware and understand a message?  Let’s look at the picture that is with this post. What is the message there?
You see the devil?  Is she the Woman?  Are you being led to Hell by that Woman?  Not too subtle the message here. That’s  the thing isn’t it? We, society are demonizing Women. It started with the First Woman who tempted the First Man. It resulted in Original sin. So now when you are born you are already tainted, and it is because of Woman. Weird eh?  I don’t subscribe to that notion but I think there are so many messages out there, subtle and overt which have lasting effect. Messages have influence, don’t kid yourselves. There is a billion dollar industry built on messages; sales, marketing.  So don’t think you are not immune to the old LP records hidden messages that are embedded deep in the recording.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are young. But that’s okay, I am not sure if I ever bought into that hidden message thing that Christian groups cried about that we are born sinners.
It seems that everywhere in society Women are the ones that we can beat on. Whether its in the big business board room, the religious temples or in our homes. We verbally put them down, we ridicule them, we hit them, we fight them, we chain them, we rape them, we kill them.  Thats “our Women folk, ya all”.  Ugly I know.
So What can we do to correct this?  Should we go for a walk?  Well its a start. We can start by recognizing them as what they are. They are the ones the carry life. So let’s think about that. No carrying of life means no life. Simple as that. We can’t go back and change the mistakes we made. We can make a difference starting right now. I am not going to chastise my Woman for things that don’t matter. I will not hit my Woman. I will not chain my Woman. I will not rape my Woman. I will not kill my Woman. I will understand that I don’t own Woman. She is not mine. She is the child of Creator.

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