Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Moths to the Flame: or Flies to Excrement

So Trump is the US President or at least he will be on Friday January 20. 2017. Now that is some weird stuff. Well the people of the United States have to own that one.

There is lot of discussion on who is going and who isn't going to Trump's taking over the reigns of Power. There are Black artists calling out other Black artists who are going to speak with Trump. Sounds like Snoop Dogg is going to come out of "gangsta" retirement and do some messing up on Black folk who walk towards Trump's aroma. Its quite a sight. Trump is taking names and kicking butt... on the Twitter feeds anyway. Still his infamous tweets have been causing quite a stir and making some people upset. Upsetting the rationale crowd. Still there are those who are jumping right into the pile and spreading around all sorts of "stuff" into the air. Like Rob Schneider who decided to educate a civil rights leader on Doctor Martin Luther King on behalf of Trump. Despite the fact the Rights Leader he is schooling walked the walk with King; Mr. John Lewis.

Its fascinating in one way and totally disgusting in others. On the one hand you wonder what is the threshold of depravity Trump will stop at. As well what is the threshold for those who continue to support the insane demonstrations of the "Commander in Chief". Still there are those who lap the fresh gooey smelly excrement which comes out of his royal highness (HRH) Trump. Its like Trump is a god (not Thee God but small 'g' god). Its as if he could shoot someone on the streets of New York and people would cheer? Its Crazy.

In Indigenous (Native) news, famous book writer Joseph Boyden's Indigenous Heritage is no where to be found. Boyden has made up Indigenous roots and connection where there is no connection. Don't worry folks, he is still looked at as a master story teller and he has lot of support from his Indigenous friends. One of his friends is going to adopt him as her brother.

What is interesting is people are attracted to big shots; whether or not the big shot is an Arse or a Star.

I have this friend, David Blacksmith and people are attracted to him. Now he isn't a movie star or a celebrity but he has a following. They follow him because of who he is. David is a Healer. Like in the movie Natural Born Killers. Russell Means is a Lakota Medicine man and he knows who he is dealing with; snakes.

David is a flame. He is charismatic, smart, talented, charming, gifted and a no-nonsense fellow. People want to touch the flame. Its like that with many people.

This reminds me of this other Indian fellow. He is well known, well respected and well off. He is charismatic smart and a political fireball. He has a big family. Some of them he holds close and others he is disengaged with; to the point there is a great deal of animosity. He is known for his talking skills and savvy negotiation skills. He is lessor known for his vicious begrudging of others. Still at events people will still try and get close to him and seek favour. Its like he has this smell about him that is intoxicating for folks.

With some people they like the flame because the flame is warm and bright.

Still others like the aroma of a pile of dung. The really wet, mushy, sticky with wicked stench to it. People don't mind the texture.

People are funny. We seek the brightness of others as we should. The light of others can be so fulfilling and we can  light others from the one flame.

Still some of us would rather roll around in a whole bunch of excrement just because of who dumped it.

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