Sunday, January 15, 2017

So Blessed That it Makes You Cry

Being So Blessed That It Makes You Cry

Aylan Kurdi drowned off the shores of Turkey. His family was trying to reach Canada
Woke up this picture yesterday.
What a contrast to what I usually have to contend with.  Making sure my Baby (Granbaby) has breakfast and the TV is tuned to Tree-House channel.
IMG_6580  I shudder to think about what I would go through. Sadly we can’t even imagine the horror, the tragedy that is taking place. We think that it is not our issue, not our problem, not in our home.  thing is, it is in our home.  We are in the homes of people in places we never even give a second thought to. When we voted in governments with only greed as the main motive for governing; well the actions we do have an impact. We can’t act like we have compassion but select our representatives that have no regard for anyone or anything but money. Still not our fault. I know its not our fault that we support global companies that hire youth workers in far away countries. That we inadvertently support the whole scale displacement of people from their villages, their lifestyles for corporate initiative of mining, large scale deforestation, oil exploration. But I think really we kind of know all that.
Still I think it is still an image we see on the TV.  Not real. Not in my home. So I look at my baby pouting that the TV is not on the proper channel and I feel blessed. So blessed that I cry and thank the God we are here in our home. That it is someone else that is crushed by the anguish of losing their baby and not us. Even more that we are so blessed that we can say stuff like: “Damn Immigrants should stay where they are from. They come here and don’t fit in. Why are they here? They have no business here.”
We take our cues from the society, the media, the community, the government we live with. Our community seems to have lost its humanity. Those “immigrants” are part of the Creator’s family. They are part of the Earth. They are part of our community. So why in the hell do we get to feel so blessed or so smug that their pain is not of our concern?
I feel blessed that is for sure. I do appreciate and know that. We are so lucky. We are so blessed that the annoying little toddler in the airplane seat is going to be kicked off the plane. We are so blessed that I can “flip the finger” at that old lady driver because she is in the fast lane driving too slow for me. I am so blessed that I can send my eggs back to the restaurant kitchen because the eggs are too runny for my liking. Yes I  am blessed that I have the arrogance to think my daily grind is the harshest thing going on in my blessed life.

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