Friday, August 28, 2009

Cruelity and humour, a weird mix

Wonder why we find things to be funny while others find it cruel? People can be funny but at the expensive of others and even if it is funny, it is cruel. I have never did "time" (jail) like many of my friends and relatives. I find it a waste of time and you cannot grow from dead time. For people there is nothing to do in jail so they entertain themselves and sometimes that entertainment is cruelty. There are some funny stories that come out from guys that have done time. Some of the antics can seem cruel. Like this one young man who was asked to "suitcase" a package out from the yard into the annex. The package he shoved up his arse, was a wrapped breakfast sausage. eewwwwwww! Poor guy. My cousin was telling us about when at lights out, someone would let out a loud fart, and someone else would whistle. That's not cruel it's funny. In the provincial jail there used to be a small farm with livestock. One guy had a calf use him to suckle. Unfortunately when other people came around he couldn't get the calf to stop. Even punching the calf's head had no affect.
My Dad or my brother never told any stories about their time in jail. For my Dad it was like it never happened. My brother had been in there so many times it seemed normal to visit him there.

I think people use humour as they do with language, to turn the hard and ugly into something softer and palatable. In the Reserve, there is a lot of good things but there is also the darker element. I remember the talks about getting "free f**ks". It is called "gemygae"; the taking advantage of someone who is sleeping or passed out. I heard this fellow got charged last week for doing this. It will be interesting to see how he walks around the Reserve. Some people have no shame, while some people are easily forgiven. In this one Reserve up north there is this little guy who is infamous for "muffin diving" when women are sleeping or passed out. He, the creepy crawler, has been caught and has been made to pay by people for his activities. One time this woman woke up and almost smothered him, forcing his head hard against her. People laugh at what happened him when he got a taste of his own medicine. Another time this fellow, who is quite larger than the small creepy crawler, took advantage of the small man at a party. He cried for help but no one came to his rescue. In the Reserve, no one can hide for long.

When we were kids we used to do all sorts of things that got us into trouble. One time we found a wasp nest in this old log in the bush. We could see where the bees went into the tree. We started a fire to burn the bees, cruel I know. We got a gas can and wanted to add gas to the burning log. We got my younger cousin to throw the gas on the fire. He was too small to handle the gas can. He was not able to get out of the way of the flames and burned his face. That was cruel. Today we laugh with him about it, but it was cruel. Kids can be cruel.

A story from my wife's friend. Myrna and her husband are regular buyers of the lottery. One weekend the lotto pot was up in the 30 million dollar range. They started talking about what they would do if they were to win. Myrna is a brown large loud proud Indian mom. She will tell you what she thinks, even if she is wrong. A very happy person generally. Her husband is a quiet White fellow who normally lets Myrna make all the decisions. Myrna said when they won the lotto they would give money to her family members. Her husband, he didn't want to give money to her brothers. He said they would waste it. Myrna and her husband fought for 3 days over how they would spend their winnings from the lottery.

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