Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ah yes, the Elite rule the world. You would think that eh? Come down here in the everyday land of the Indian and you will see that there are Indian elitists. It's not just a term specifically for the rich and powerful. In Indian land there are lot of elites. There are the Traditional Elites; the Political Elites; the Spiritual Elites; and the More Indian Than You Elites. Like all elites the idea is that they are more than you. They are more Traditional than you, more Spiritual than you, more knowledgeable than you and more Indian than you.

I know these people, these rulers of the kingdom. They are all that and more. :-) It's funny because being elite means that you are above someone. Why do people strive for that?

Elites are good in some cases. We should have some people that can be paraded around in the mainstream world. Like a display. At the end of the day, they are still just people. People who poop like everyone else. Unless there's something "normal" people don't know about.

I'm like anyone else, if I could be friendly with one of the elites I would like that. Get a taste for what is out there. Nothing wrong with Elites, except for those who use it as a stick. Now those are the wrong kind of Elites.

In my Reserve there is a history with the Full Bloods and the mixed Bloods. When Treaty was signed, the Elders didn't want their Grandchildren to be left out of Treaty. The ones that mixed with the traders. Our Reserve had a trading post and was a major route from the east to the west and to the north. So today some of the families still make derogatory comments about the mixed bloods. Funny even if the mixed bloods have no idea about living other than in an Indian community.


  1. This is another topic I just don't get. Who cares if you are black, blue, brown, yellow, polka-dotted, or a mixture of all of the above and have antlers on your head? Some people have a natural tan, others don't. I would like to think I am a typical "white guy"(right there, we have been programmed to indicate our color, race, whatever, when will it be just a guy?) and I married a hispanic woman. Our daughter is "mixed". Does that make her less than us, because she isn't one or the other? Of course not, especially to people who have a brain. But the brain-dead people(alot of which are in Government) actually care, and think so. Just plain ignorance.

  2. There are so many different characteristics that make us the same and many that differentiate us.
    I love the group that I belong to. It's okay to be part of a group.