Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(Aboriginal) Indians are Superstitious

I am superstitious. At least that's what I was told by Dr. K. (the psychologist I have been visiting) He said this because I told him that we are not suppose to like things too much or something bad will happen. We will experience something to show us how fragile we are. I say this because of the fear that I have for my children and grandchildren. Our world is a hard one. I may be completely wrong in my thinking, but that's just it, it's my way of thinking. It's funny we learn things throughout our lives, either by being told, watching or by experiencing things. I was laughing with my wife today about some of the stories I heard when I was young and continue to hold as it were the "gospel truth".

My deceased Kokum used to tell us about the handsome stranger. You must have heard this one. Seems like this handsome stranger finds Indians all over the place. Either at a dance or is hitch hiking on the road. This handsome stranger shows up at a party or a dance. He woos all the people dancing the night away. It never dawns on people that the clicking noise they hear is coming from the handsome stranger. Until someone notices his foot and sees he has a hoof. The handsome stranger takes off with people realizing they were partying with the Devil. If he's not at the party, you are drinking and pick him up in your car. You drive along talking with this guy for a while, all of sudden he is not there anymore. You drove around with the Devil. There was even this one bar in the city, a hang out for Indians that the Devil used to frequent.

When you are a kid these stories shape your fears. Walking home at night you hear the echoes of your own steps, you think it's the Devil following you. You run, the echoes are louder. You run faster. I laugh now because this damn devil seems to like tormenting Indians. I wonder if he went to the parties in the neighbouring White town? In other older stories you hear about Nanabosho. I can't really talk about him because it's the summer. I also don't know the Teachings very well. But I was lucky because this old lady used to tell them to clients at the treatment centre I worked at and I got to listen to them. These stories were not your children's versions.

There are things as people that we experience that are not explainable and at times not believable. But it doesn't make them less true. I know about the Fire Ball, the little people or as they are called Maymaygwayshi(k). The Little People used to visit in my Mom's house. They are funny little buggers. You will not believe that I have actually seen one of those guys. I told my Mom about it. It's a hard thing to tell stories like that because people are skeptical. It's easier to believe that a man walked on water and made blind men see. With Indians and other people, we are made to see it as myth or legend. Labels are Powerful tools (especially if it is used by someone to be superior). These Language tools are used to limit the beliefs of a people, negating their being, their essence. You see, your whole being is part of what you believe in as well. So I am now labeled as superstitious. But I am more than that. I believe in more than biology, that there is something greater than a carbon based existence. I think it is pretty naive of people to believe that we are all that is. How arrogant of a belief system to look at life that is finite, that we are truly the center of the universe.

I could jazz up the story and tell you more of things that I seen and heard but what is the point? We all have our perceptions of what is real and what is possible. Me, I tell my experiences to my family and friends, I have nothing to gain by lying to them. I have nothing to gain by lying to anyone. Everyone has their own unexplainable experiences with the unknown. Even the skeptics have a thing called coincidence. 

Do you think it's just a coincidence that you found this site? Perhaps by some divine guidance you were meant to find it - the information on this site just might wake you up to  reality and help you prepare for what's coming.....

A story from back home...I came to the city with my Dad and this other fellow from the Reserve. This guy, Ken is a very knowledgeable Traditional Teacher. Some even call him an Elder. In any case I was not a big fan of Ken and I had not hid my feelings from him. It's just that this damn guy is so cool and doesn't get phased. Anyway we had just parked the car and were walking to the office building. There were these three Indians guys sitting around the parking lot drinking. One of the guys started to yell at us and he starts flashing his dink at us. My Dad is an older gentleman, an Elder. I was younger then and got real mad. I ran up to those guys, yelling swearing, threatening them and almost coming to hit them. They just cowered and didn't say anything. I went back to my Dad and Ken. I was still mad and started scolding Ken, who is at least 10 years older than me. I asked him why he didn't say anything to those guys. "Didn't they see that my Dad was an old man?" He stopped me and said, "Steve if you see shit on the road do you step in it?" You can learn Teachings from anyone, even people you don't see eye to eye with. That is just how cool Ken is. He cannot be phased and he knows his stuff. I learned a lot that day.

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