Monday, September 14, 2009

Are dreams just dreams or do they actually mean something?

Prior to my Mom passing away and my Son taking his own life. My son had a dream that he shared with my Mom and Dad. He saw this Eagle flying in the sky. The Eagle fell to the ground. My Son went to the bird. He found it was very big, as big as him, but now the bird was no longer an Eagle but an Owl. He went over and kicked the Owl and it opened up, broke open. There was a smaller Owl in the big Owl. My Mom and Dad were kind of surprised by the dream but they didn't interpret the dream. My Mom just told Donovan that he had a powerful dream. For me I knew that the dream was a message. My Mom and Dad always said the Owl brought messages. Mainly a message that someone is going to die. My deceased uncle Allan was so terrified of Owls. He would want to shoot them if they came around the houses.

It is said that people can twist things to suit their needs. Like interpreting a dream after the fact. Like this dream means that My Son was told that my Mom was going to die and that he would follow. The two Owls symbolized death and there would a bigger or older person and a younger person, related to each other. That is why the smaller one was inside the bigger one. For some people it just a dream and that symbols could mean different things to different people. So it's not relevant. I am not sure if I really believe that dreams are not meaningful. I had a dream similar to my Sons. In this dream there were a number of Eagles standing around. The Eagles were as tall as people. I was with my Son. I had to run through Eagles to get something on the other side of them. My Son was to do the same, but he couldn't do it. I was suppose to let him do it, but I didn't, I tried to do it for him. He didn't complete his task. My Son is gone and he couldn't get away from his sadness and the demon. For me the dream has unanswered questions. Just like unanswered questions for his decision.

I remember when we were having the Wake for my Boy. A friend of mine (although we have been close for a few years), he came and told me he had a dream about my Boy. He said my Boy was suffering in a dark place and the devil was there. He told me he was going to go dream and to get my Boy from that place. My friend told me there were lots of people in there suffering. Lot of women were crying and suffering in that place. He said a lot of them were murdered and were some of the ladies that lived the street life. The Pinkerton trial was not on yet, but he had been arrested for murdering women. My friend said that some of these women were there. He told me the next day that the Creator had allowed him to bring back two people from that darkness. He wanted to bring more but he couldn't. One of the people brought back was my Boy and the other was my nephew, who had also taken his own life at 18 years old.

I am not sure what to think about that but if it is real to him, my friend, than it is something I will not question. He is a Healer and a Traditional Teacher. I was a helper for him in Ceremonies and I know that he does have Gifts. But with my Son though I do not want to think of him in as suffering. He suffered enough. My Mom was a Roman Catholic and she believed in Heaven. She used to say that there has to be a Heaven. Indians suffered enough here on Earth that there must be something for them to go to. As for the old dogma of people who take their own life and going to Hell, well let's just say that is sick to think like that. Who in the heck makes up these things?

I dream ever night and my dreams are very vivid. I read that it may because of the anti-depressants I take, but I can't be sure. There was a book I once saw and the title was 10,000 dreams interpreted. I guess anyone can interpret a dream but it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. ;-)I once heard that people dream in black and white but I don't believe that.

Sweet dreams ( I bet you saw that coming)

Oh I forgot to say about my friend the Traditional Healer, he is a porn buff. Loves the stuff. :-0


  1. I loved my Mom. I wish you could know what I knew about this fine human being.
    This was her favorite song. They played it when her casket was closed. :-)
    I am content with her passing and feel no regrets, we were good.
    With my Son, I am struggling to live. Weird I know.

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts because I know they come from your heart. I too, have wondered if dreams have meaning. Some I think do. Maybe just to the one dreaming them but who knows. I dream but they are usually fragmented and confusing though some have left me with meaningful impressions. My mom usually finds a meaning in every dream. It does make one wonder.

  3. Dreams express our secret desires.People use to explain dreams, and give them a meaning. I personally, don't know what to believe.
    Thank you.

  4. Some people say dreams are your mind getting rid of excess garbage, others say it is your sub-conscious showing you things you "noticed" but didn't see during the day. Sometimes you wake up and can remember the dream, it was profound, technicolor, hi-def surround sound, better than anything Hollywood can do, other times you couldn't remember it if you tried. My personal belief is that dreams matter, and is your mind showing you what you need to know, or what you can handle. trying to send a message in edible bites. Or it could be a "spirit world" trying to pass along useful information. So much is unknown, and not understood, to really know one way or another.

  5. I think dreams are where the worlds of "what is" and "what could be" meet. They can be both meaningful and meaningless at the same time.

  6. I used to have terror dreams about evil things, usually it was the devil in different forms. I no longer have a fear whatsoever of the devil. I like that in dreams our passed on friend family can come visit us.
    thanks for the comments.

  7. I believe both are true. The are meaningful, and they are not. I often dream about things I'm doing very intently, like when I was studying for my swim instructor certification...I'd come home at night, and dream about swimming.

    Some dreams are just fun, like when I dreamt Helen Hunt was coming over for dinner...or dreaming I could breath underwater, and so went exploring oceans.

    And I think some dreams are profound, and carry personal meanings. For the most part others can not interpret our dreams, and certainly no book can. We are all different, with different life experiences, and so if I dream of a pile of gold, it can't mean just ONE thing that I can look up in a book. I believe there are individuals with gifts that can helps us find the meaning in a dream that has one (I have done so before).

    Thanks for sharing this very personal story, good luck with your dreams. Ooh, there's also lucid dreaming! lol

  8. My son has, tho not as often these days nightmares of owls. He never says what they do or what they want with him tho. on a couple of occasions they have appeared to him while awake. It was pure terror in him when this happened. he is only 2 and a half years old. I worry for him cos I can't seem to help him. Some of his nightmares have actually been night terrors which I must say is the creepiest thing. I don't know what it can all mean.

  9. It must be awful for such a baby to have terror dreams. I don't what to think. Hope your baby son is doing better.