Friday, September 4, 2009

Billy Crystal wants to turn his house into a casino and live tax free

I enjoy watching David Letterman. I know he was not as popular as Jay Leno, but I like his show more because he didn't suck up to people like Jay did. If there is a guest on the show I don't really find interesting I switch it off. Tonight Billy Crystal was the guest of Dave. I feel that Crystal had his day and is now stale as last weeks bread. Billy Crystal came on complaining about his summer and went on to explain his house repair problems. With his sthick, he made fun of Black people and Indians. He made some bad impressions of old south Black people ( hey boss the eatin's is good! bad boolo, bad boolo, no go boss) and made a joke about Indian casinos and living tax free.

I am not overly sensitive but I am being educated on racism and how subtle it can be. How we can have gestures, images, sounds, that could be racist based. I like funny. I just didn't think he was funny. Maybe I am over-reacting to Crystal and I need to lighten up. Maybe his impression was not of old south Blacks or African Blacks. And the Indian thing, maybe everyone wants there to be a Indian burial ground on their land so they can have a casino and live tax free.

I guess I object to the tax free misnomer because Indians have paid taxes inpertuity by way of the deals they made with the government. In exchange the people get to enjoy the fruits of the land and all that comes with that.

Anywaaaaaaay, not trying to be a kill joy. Now if Jessica Biel was making those remarks I would have been saying hoohooeeeeee. :-0

Cheers until next time.


  1. I can understand why that might have irked you a bit, even though he may have meant it all in fun. I've had the same happen to me at times when something just hits me and it's hard not to take offense. Jessica Biel, eh? lol. She is a beauty.

    Cheers! :-)

  2. Suz said it best to me; Billy Crystal is old, so his style is old. I guess that type of mimic humour was good at one time. Maybe I am feeling a little too sensitive. Not sensitive in the feminine way, but sensitive in as manly a fashion as can be. :-0

  3. I watched the clip, it wasn't too bad. I would guess that if you told him you were offended, he'd be surprised. He is thought listening to him complaining though was, "Hey, at least you have a house, and can afford to do all this work you're doing!"