Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The things we hang on our car mirrors

I am a very noisy person. I am that guy that when I walk around a neighbourhood, I look at the open windows to see what colour the walls are painted, what hangs on the walls and what the furniture looks like. No, I don't go peek in the windows. The same thing goes for when I am driving around. I will look in your car. I will look at you and I will look to see what hangs on your mirror.

I think the thing hanging on your mirror is significant. It is magically, personal, a totem, a momento, an air freshner, and finally nothing. The thing in your mirror says a lot about you. Even the absence of the thing says something as well. You would think that someone who has nothing on their mirror would be bland, unimaginative, more selfish, uninterested and anal. I think that is not the case. I think they may view things differently. The car may not be an extension of their home, their life and the car is just a tool to be used. My Dad has no hangy thing on his mirror. It does not mean he has no personality or is devoid of interests. He's old.

I have had a number of different items hanging on the mirror. I miss the ones that have gone missing or I have given away. You get this hangy thing from different sources. It could be a bracelet your kid made or a necklace of your loved one. I see many little colours of people's country. That must be in their heart or a source of pride. I see the Rosary in cars. I see symbols of prayer flags from China. Saint Christopher used to ride in my car and my Mom's car all the time.

What hangs in my mirror is a small stone turtle given to me by Mom. I left it on my Boy's headstone for a long time. I also have a small Eagle feather given to me by an Elder when I was going through a very difficult time. There is a small medicine bundle on the mirror that I made for us. I put medicine in there that I felt would be good for us. I am not a Medicine person and have no knowledge of Medicine but I did what I felt was right. Just like my own personal bundle is what I think is right for me.

I remember this guy I know was talking about dream catchers, Sweet Grass that people hang on their mirrors. He said that his wife is Indian and she needs no reminders that she is Indian, she sees one every time she looks in the mirror. I thought about that and thought, holee. A real negative way to look at the mirror thingy. But good for her that she is very confident and strong in her heritage. I know growing up, many people would want to be anything but Indian.

The mirror thing is a representation of a part of you. It could also just be a mirror hanging. Not meant to signify anything. But I hope it is more than that.


  1. I saw the title of this post on my dashboard and just knew I had to read it. Glad I did! Funny thing, I finally got my car back last week and the first thing I thought was, something needs to go on the mirror, something that represents me, so, I went Saturday and bought a necklace to put on the mirror. It took me a good while to decide on the right one but I finally did. It's blue (my favorite color) and silver and has a tiny bird with open wings (freedom) and a small silver heart (I'm always letting my heart guide me) hanging from it. It was only $3.00 so I said, "Hmm, yea, this seems to suit me." I smile when I look at it, so, I guess it was worth it.

  2. Cheers and that is great. Brings something personal to our home away from home.

  3. When I was carefree and single, there was always a new "naked lady" air freshener every month. Variety is the spice of life right? :) Now there is nothing(the glade air freshener goes on the air vent). We spend a great deal of time in the car, but nothing hangs on the mirror. Oh well.

  4. No little momentos? I guess things change as we get older and our life changes. I remember as a kid the dice in people's cars.

  5. Yes, A mirror reflection defines what are you. And were all aware that a person walks on the changes in his life as we go older and older. I already lot of stuffs hang on my rear view mirror, those are small teddies, paper, and a small rosary which is very significant for me. As i drove my car I always take a look on those things before starting my engine.
    I have another idea, what if we do put also some hangs in our side view mirrors too. Sounds funny but it will works too.