Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who really "gets" you?

My wife says to me the other day, "we are really different people". My wife was referring to me writing a blog. She is very friendly, outgoing, makes friends easily but likes to maintain a private existence. She doesn't easily share about her issues or problems with others. She has friends she confides in but as a general rule doesn't volunteer information to strangers or acquaintances. Me, I talk about anything to anyone. Of course there are some boundaries I don't go beyond, but I still surprise myself at what will come out of my mouth. Like telling people about your planter wart that has been nagging you for years and then going on to show them what it looks like.

That's the trick isn't it? Embrace the differences and the similarities you share with each other. For me and my wife it's our differences and the same attitudes that bind us. We are the the type of people who have let others stay with us. Opened our home to visitors and friends. Hold feasts and bar-be-ques to share food and friendship with others. Held Give-away ceremonies to share with others. My wife dutifully donates blood while I cringe at the sight of needles. I once had blood test done at the hospital and I fainted. Not once but twice. When I came around from fainting the first time, the technician said "you went all white and fainted", at this time I looked at the blood vial and fainted again. The nurse put me in a bed. That's not my wife, she is a stone heart. Strange thing though, even with this fear of pain, I still went out and got a tattoo. I fainted.

I was raised with the fear of Devil's reach and to make sure I completed my Easter Duties (but have embraced Native Traditional Teachings) while my wife was raised with out the fear of Religious dogma. She laughs teasingly at some of my eccentricity and calls me a closet holy roller. I tell her things like don't let anyone touch you in your special spot (the place behind the lower neck, where people can put medicine on you). I just happen to be telling her to not let anyone touch her special spot as we were walking into the mall. I forgot to use my inside voice.

My wife get's that about me, I don't know how to use my inside voice. For the average person this could be embarrassing. My wife get's me and has accepted my little misses. However she still says "Sir! I don't know you", when I accidentally fart in public.


  1. I like embracing the differences and being "got" even though the other one may not understand that you "got" them and they "got" you. I like being are correct. It is bliss being gotten...better than forgotten right?

  2. Sorry I don't get it??? :-0

    Yes, you're right, it's nice to be thought of.

  3. I very much enjoyed this post but I don't know that anyone truly "gets me", I'm such a complex individual and I tend to get strange looks from them quite often (lol) but I know I am loved by some and that is comforting as well.
    I'm not much on giving "open house" gatherings... but I don't so much mind the needles. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. The last line puts this post right in there with the rest of us: so human. It sounds like you and your wife have accepted who you each are and come to like most of the things about each other. My hubby and I are working on doing that too. He is the most interesting person I have ever met and I am never bored with him. Your wife must feel that way about you too.