Monday, November 9, 2009

50 million dollars is yours in one day.

Edward and JR Daniels at the Manito Ahbee powwow

"WINNIPEG (CBC) - A Sagkeeng First Nation family in Manitoba is $50 million richer after their ticket came up the winner in Friday evening's Lotto Max draw.

CBC News has confirmed from relatives that Kirby Fontaine and his family are the lucky winners. Media reports identified his wife as Marie Fontaine."

Can you imagine? One day you are poor or just making it and the next day you are filthy rich. In a small community like Sagkeeng, being an anonymous Millionaire will never happen. You got to love it. People say Lottery's are a tax on the stupid. I bet these people will never ever believe that.

Lives changed for ever by picking seven numbers. That is incredible.

You can only hope that there lives are not filled with trouble. Money is a good thing to have in a material world, where bills have to be paid, where accumulation of goods drives the economy.

There was this fellow from an Indian Reserve in the north. He had won 10 million. Sadly he is no longer around. After a serious of mistakes in business, and some personal woes, he took his life. Gerald Muswagon was the big winner. I remember when he and his wife were interviewed for the winnings. Full of life, laughter and down to earth people. That all changed. He never did leave the Reserve, he ended up dying there.

For many people the Reserve will always be home. I wonder if the Fontaines will stay in the reserve. For their own sake I hope they explore the world.


  1. Wow, exciting news for this family! :o)

  2. So many lottery winners end up bankrupt or worse. All of the "family" starts coming out of the woodwork, people you haven't seen in 20 years, acting like your best friends ever, and when you say no to giving them money they say you have "Forgotten Where You Come From"..... I would love to experience this myself, and prove the traditional wisdom wrong, but I am too nice and would probably end up penniless anyway.....oh well.

  3. Today the Fontaines are to be introduced on TV getting their "Big" cheque. I really hope they are going to be well. I think they will do fine.

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