Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Mom says we are cousins.

Buffalo Skull on display at the Seven Clans Casino in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. People still cherish the Buffalo after all these years. The Buffalo Skull is always present at Sundance around our area. People drag these.

The Manitoba Metis Federation Building. Is located off of Main Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Metis have become a political force in Manitoba.

The Aboriginal Centre In Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. It is an old CP Rail Building. Made of old stone, Limestone and old architecture. It is located on Main Street. Main Street has been going through changes. There is a hope to re-charge the area and bring some money there.

The little Indian Grass Dancer Doll. Made by an Indian guy doing time in a minimum security prison located in Hobbema First Nation in Alberta. My son had danced Grass Dance when he was 12. His outfit looked similar to this one. My cousins, the Daniels girls, had made the outfit for him. The beading was nice. My Son's name was Negiiwap, The Rainbow. The colours of his Grass Dance outfit signified his colours and his name.He got his name as a baby in Roseau River by the Medicine man Herman Akitson.

Last night my wife and I were talking about our Relatives in Fort Alexander, the Reserve. We are related to lots of people. We tell our kids, don't go out with anyone there, that may be your cousin.

Speaking of Cousins. My friend is from Cross Lake Manitoba. It is an Indian Reserve in the northern part of Manitoba. I had met this cop, an RCMP officer that was stationed there. He told me a story about one of the rookies that was up there. A domestic dispute call came in and the rookie went to investigate. The rookie was interviewing a young women who had been assaulted by her boyfriend. The rookie asked the question of the young women/girl, "what it the relationship between you and the accused?". She said, "My mom says we're cousins." I told my friend, the guy from Cross Lake, the story, and my friend didn't laugh too much at the story. It was funny because this guy laughs at everything and makes fun of everyone.

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