Friday, November 13, 2009

Hank Williams is the king of your heart

Music should always be part of kids lives. Music touches the soul. Feed some tunes to your spirit.

Connies Corner a little Metis run restaurant on Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You can still play some old tunes on the juke box and get a cheap meal.

Hank Williams Sr. is the king of your heart. That's what my friend teases about. I don't know why that is funny but it is. For some reason lots of Indians are crazy over Hank. The real Hank. There is a television show called Hank Williams First Nation. It is a cool little show that follows the lives of Indians in Northern Alberta. There was even a tv movie made. Two characters in the movie go on a trip to visit the grave of Hank Williams Sr. I wonder if Hank Williams Jr. has ever seen the show. I wonder what he would think? I wonder if he likes Indians or is he really a bigot. It seems to me that he seems like the sort of fellow that does not like Indians, Blacks or Mexicans. I could be wrong but he seems to play that part.

I wonder when my kids are older if they will remember the music they heard when they were kids. Will they only remember the music they have on their Ipods or what is on the MTV. I hope they will remember some of the music that Mom and Dad listened to. When my daughter was a baby we would record her sitting in her swinging chair. In the background music would always be playing. That was only 13 years ago. Somehow there doesn't seem to be music playing in the background anymore. Instead the background is filled with noise of the tv. Wonder what happened to us?

So in a move to try and catch the music I will shut off the tv and put on the radio or perhaps play some Youtube on a second tab on the computer. The firefox is great, you can have many web sites open at one time. As I sit here I am listening to old country, some Fats Domino, Little Walter and some Beth Orton. Nina Simone does Sinnerman.

So put on the speakers open up a second tab and listen to some live radio or some music from other sites.


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