Friday, November 13, 2009

Look in our backyards at all the monuments and enjoy

Aboriginal Veterans on parade at the Remembrance Day ceremonies. One Veteran is wearing the Metis Sash and the other is carrying an Eagle Staff and is wearing leather as they March.

Amelia on the Legislative ground in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The city had a number of bears made and local artists done up the bears. There is lots to see in any city and we just have to go and look.

Amelia taken it all in at the Manitoba Legislative grounds. The statue of Manitoba's founding father Louis Riel a Metis, aka mixed blood, aka half-breed.

The old St Peter's Church on land that was part of Peguis First Nation. Peguis First Nation was cheated out of their land by crooked Indian Agents. This is where my boy rests.

The Red Serge a symbol of old Canada. Taken at the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Winnipeg. It is quite a Ceremony and I was very glad that we got up and went.

There is a host of things to do at any given day. Sometimes it's work to go out and do things. Lot of times it takes money to go out and do things. Luckily it's still free to go out and look at things. One of the things I always want to do is to go out and take pictures of monuments. There are so many that we pass on a regular basis without taking the time to go see what the monument represents. It's funny we will plan big trips to go see monuments like Mount Rushmore but won't go into our own backyards to look at what's there.

It is interesting what you will come across. This is a memorial monument to remember the Holocaust of World War Two. It sits on the Legislative grounds in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada did not do right by the Jewish people. They did not let a ship full of Jewish people land during the war. Those people went back to Europe to face death.

We (Amelia and I) only made two stops but there is a host of things that we could have gone to look at. Next time.

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