Thursday, January 21, 2010

People are talented. It might take work to get that talent

Some very talented people made these.

My cousin Barry makes his own fiddles and fixes fiddles. He fixed Suz's Dad's fiddle.

A Turtle Ribbon shirt. I want one of these!!! :-)

My brother-in-law Smiley preparing the Sweat Lodge for his Dad, Elder Fabian.

The fiddle of my Wife's deceased Dad.

People are really talented out there. It amazes me how good some people are at different things. My Cousin Barry has become quite good at different things. He makes Traditional items for Ceremonies; like hand Drums, the Big Drum, Pipes, rattles, is a craver and now makes fiddles.

My brother-in-law Smiley is very lucky as he gets to be a helper for his Dad at Ceremonies. So he is getting a first hand knowledge of how to conduct Sweat Ceremonies, Pipe Ceremonies, and the Talking Lodge.

The Ribbon Shirt is an awesome garment. I have only had one in my life. My cousin made one for me and I used that at the Sundance. I have met so much gifted people. Some people can just take to a certain thing and do it well, and others can learn to be good at something by repetition.

Sewing and beading is a good talent to have. My cousins are beaders and my other cousins' make Star Blankets. My kids all had Blankets made for them. My grandkids have Blankets made by people for them. My cousin Frankie and his wife Chantelle gave blankets to the Grandkids. They also gave the Blanket for my Boy's trip when he left us. I gave my blankets to my Mom for Big Gran when she passed on. I gave my Moccassins to my cousin Frank for his Dad when he passed. That's how it goes. We share what we have.

It is important to hang on to the skill sets that our Gran-parents used. Like making medicine, making music, and expanding our knowledge. I think new cultures have introduced some great new things for all of us to learn.

Me, I still haven't learn one cord on the guitar. Guess I have to get by the having sore fingers. In any luck my wife tells me I have 2 more years to learn. I am to play for her at our anniversary. Guess I will start practicing tomorrow or on the weekend.

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