Monday, January 25, 2010

When you decide to re-enter the world of academics.

Us in 1961

When is it too late to go back to school? Is there a time when you stop to learn and have no more desire to try new things. I am considering whether or not to try and get into University again. If I do go I need to look at what area or what question I want to explore. In any case, not sure if I would even fit in or get accepted.

I miss school. Funny you never think you would, but it is a time when you are engaged in all sorts of new things. Even old things seem new. I know how ignorant I am because of some of the reading I did. You wouldn't believe how little we know. I remember not knowing anything about Australia. My image of someone from Australia was an English sounding bloke with a hat on and a boom-a-rang. That is how ignorant I am. I didn't know anything about the Aborinal population there.

My cousin Allan (Randy) is the principal of the high school in our Reserve. He has a difficult job. The kids are difficult and their lives can be difficult, so it sometimes comes to the school. He and the teachers have been successful in maintaining a relatively trouble free school. There is no tolerance for bullying or for illegal activity. You can't arrest it all, but at least they try. I am not sure if our kids realize how important and necessary school is.

I see lots of our kids, becoming adults way to young. Young families, lots of pressures, and lots of hope, but it can get crushed by the overwhelming odds against them. Getting educated arms you. It makes you ready for the real world. The mean world.

So as an old bugger I know education is important, just wondering if it's too late in life to move on.

If I did, I would look maybe at the identity crisis faced by Indians today, or the life of a political Indian. Not sure. Was at one time considering the Survivor of Suicide and what is there in the Indian community to help them. I don't know. I do know it would be focused on Indian issue.

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