Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 in Indian Country - Canada the Big Lie

Well now, 2013 is here. Lot of things happening. The Canadian government is attacking the environment, opening the land for business and trying to get rid of the Indian problem. One Chief, Theresa Spence  is fasting on soup for a month now in the hopes of meeting with the Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The thing with drawing attention to yourself is that you get a lot of attention. And not all attention is going to make you look good. She is being attacked for her credibility. You know how the argument goes, don't like the message, so you muddy (smear) the messenger. In Manitoba  local news, there are a number of deaths in the Province and it seems like Indians are hurting;  killing,  each other. Today I heard about this body found in Gods Lake and it is a gruesome story. Not in the news yet.

My friend lost his son-in-law to suicide last Thursday. I know the boy's  (he was 17) Mom and deceased Dad. I feel awful for them. Yesterday I attended a Ceremony in Roseau River First Nation. It was the opportunity to go pray, listen and eat with the family.

There is a movement, "Idle no more", that is traveling across Canada and in some other parts of the world. The Idle No More is making people aware of what Canada is doing. It is not pretty the actions of PM Harper. He may become one of the biggest environmental criminals of our time.  But hey, that's okay, he is trying to create jobs.  Harper is also promoting the "Big Lie". You know that one, where Canada is the benevolent father that continues to feed Indians. You know on the backs of tax payers. You must know that one, practically everywhere you go in the world, people think that Canada gives everything to Indians for free, right?

The Big Lie is the foundation of Canada's development. People truly believe that Canada is a conquered land. When that is a false notion. Canada engaged in many many Treaties with the Nations in the country. Treaties are still made today in all regions of the World among Nations. The thing is that Canada cheated and continues to cheat its way through its existence. In areas in this country where there is no Treaty, Canada has no real claim to the Land. Canada cheats the Indigenous people of those resource areas. That is the Big Lie. Canada lives the Big Lie. Anyone with half a sense of honesty knows that Canada is living the Big Lie. Its everywhere. Canada is stealing the Resources of the Earth. Canada continues to feed the general public the Big Lie. And the Sad thing is that people are believing it. You know how it goes, tell a lie so much, you actually start to believe it. Well Canada believes it. So what can you do?

Canada is so damn greedy that it is not satisfied that they have the resources. Now they want the little bit of land left in the hands of the Indians. Harper says that by having the Land available for lease or sale will raise Indians up out of economic despair. Holy load of crap. Just look at Nations where the Indigenous folk have no Land. Has it given them the economic prosperity? Let's look at the Natives of Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and South America. Canada is telling new lies every single day. The Canadian public loves it.

Canada entrenched Aboriginal Rights in its Constitution, but yet, continues to deny those Rights at every single instance. Now that is a Big Lie, entrenched in their foundation. Canadians live off the backs of those Rights, or rather the cheating of those Rights.

Let's call the situation between Canada and Aboriginal people what it is, it is really the Big Lie.

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