Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is it Indians and Cowboys, again?

The Idle No More Movement is causing quiet a stir out there in our society. People are getting upset at the Indians. Indians are getting upset at the politicians. Politicians are manipulating more hatred against the Indians. And Non-Aboriginal people are caught in a quandary. Some non-Aboriginal people are not in the majority. They actually like Aboriginal people. I know a few of these people. But how do they act when many of their own are so set against the Aboriginal people?

There are a lot of Indians in the prairie provinces; Saskatchewan and Manitoba. A recent poll suggested that 76 percent of people don't support Indians. That leaves 24 percent that do support Aboriginal people. What are they do to? Sit quiet and let the majority of people that don't like Indians to go unopposed? Or do they sit quietly when there is talk around the table about those "terrorists and free loading Indians"?

Me, I feel bad for those guys. The supporters of Indians, don't have to feel awful for all the ugliness being spewed at Indians by the general public. They are not the ones who are finally lifting the sheets and hoods off their heads. We know that the general public doesn't like Aboriginal people. You don't need a poll to make us aware of that. Ask any Aboriginal person and they will tell you what they have experienced. And these experiences are not isolated incidents. If you read any online article on Aboriginal issues, just go to the comment section and look for your self at the hatred pouring out against Aboriginal people.

You see the problem is that the general public has been sold a load of goods that are not damn good. Right from the history literature and the continued media and government message of Indians receiving "your" hard earned money.  That is not true. But you can't tell anyone that as there is an accepted message out there that Indians got it good and get everything for nothing. Anyway, please educate yourselves and you will see. But please stay away from racists disguised as academics. The only education you will learn from them is to cloak yourself in self-righteousness. But remember:   
"Judge not that ye be not judged.
For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged,
and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye,
but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye;
and behold, a beam is in thine own eye.
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;
and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Matthew 7:1-5

(Sorry I had to throw that in, you know because of those sanctimonious, right wing thinking arseholes, who sit and  preach about equality but only if they means they get it all. In case you are not a bible-thumper, the verse refers to being a hypocrite. )
Barnes' Notes on the Bible
(And why beholdest thou the mote ... - A mote signifies any "light substance," as dry chaff, or fine spires of grass or grain. It probably most usually signified the small "spiculae" or "beards" on a head of barley or wheat. It is thus placed in opposition to the word "beam."
Beam - The word used here signifies a large piece of squared timber. The one is an exceedingly small object, the other a large one. The meaning is, that "we are much more quick and acute to judge of small offences in others, than of much larger offences in ourselves." Even a very "small" object in the eye of another we discern much more quickly than a much larger one in our own; a small fault in our neighbor we see much more readily than a large one in ourselves. This was also a proverb in frequent use among the Jews, and the same sentiment was common among the Greeks, and deserves to be expressed in every language.")

I feel kind of bad, but not really. I mean I feel bad for my friends and family that are not Aboriginal but have to listen to me go on about the "white Canadian" and all their hate. My racist self comes out. But I don't mean them, I mean those other white bastards. And there in lies the problem of walking on eggshells. Do I condemn a whole race because 76 percent of them are racists?  Or 76 of them may not be racist but dislike the situation of Indians and the Treaty Obligations?  In any case it comes down to an us versus them scenario. Oh and by the way, when I said white bastards, I was being facetious. So don't think I was really saying White Bastards, when I was really saying small w, white and small b, bastards. Get it?  Just like when I say those damn no good for nothing Neechies. I really mean, boy those Indians, (shake head). It's like that. No hate, just fun, black fun.  I also feel bad for those that are not racist but are painted with the same brush because of others in their group (race, ethnic, class, age, economic status, etc). I wonder how the mixed couples and their kids feel?  Which side to you pick for?  :d

This "up-rising" of Natives sure is causing a divide. Indians and Cowboys. Only thing is the future is a stake here. Our Children's children are going to be affected by what happens today. If we don't say something and if you don't say something, we are complacent to the actions of today. The Rights of Aboriginal People as negotiated and agreed upon, which are "entrenched" in the Canadian Constitution are going to disappear. The Land and the Waters are going to suffer more than they already are facing. The Canadian government, specifically Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declared war on the environment and on the Aboriginal peoples of this land. It is a duty to say something by everyone.  

Canadians are the real beneficiaries of the Treaties. They are rich because of the finite resources this Land has.  The government knows it has no real right to the resources. But it tells everyone it does and goes ahead and acts like it does. Indians are saying, Hold on a second there buddy, you really don't have the right to do that. 

So that is where we are: Indians and Cowboys. With the Indians saying "hey buddy you can't keep doing that with our stuff" and the Cowboys saying, "hold on there Indian, you have had enough of our stuff". 

I hope you are one of those Cowboys that are not in the majority and can understand the issues facing Indian people. I hope you have understanding. I hope you understand that there is a divide. I hope you understand that we are not your enemy. 


  1. Or is it Indians and Indians? Two of my friends have permanent organ damage due to starvation on the rez.Not a hunger strike with a nutritious broth, but hunger. I happened to know both hunger and hungry people very well. Hungry people are angry people and if you roll in a fucking Cadillac in a shity-shanty neighbourhood then you have no shame .Now –if you got money for me, and somehow you have six zeros on your bank account and I have a floorless trailer then something is definitely wrong. Good chief gives-he does not take: this is what our ancestors used to say and these are the rules. So it’s Indians and Indians, since some of us are able to share last piece of fry bread with a neighbour and some are willing to take all the fat. There is a Lakhotiya world: “Wasicu” and it does not mean “white” as many people think. It means “the fat-taker” and folks who were stilling from their communities used to be kicked off from their tribes. Good tradition to remember and a law to live by, ain’t it?
    Now, it’s Indians and Indians again: if Hitler was alive and he’d say “I hate your enemy”would our ancestors be friends with Hitler? Like hell they would. Too smart to be used, to proud to dishonour, to clever to bring one more supremacist home.Yes,Indians and Indians again, since we have our kids multiple amputees who even after the ordeal of combat think how to defend our land, and we also have those who are able to lick arse of Iran to get financing for themselves.
    Yes, I am a “warrior-relic” as one of golden boys ready to sell our people to islamo-fascists said.Well, Creator will soon make it clear that these are the “relics” who master fire-football, not the traitors.

  2. Wasicu sounds similar to the Hopi "powaqqatsi".

    Interesting post.

  3. Yeah, it's hard to take when we prey on each other. Sadlly, a common situation. Nowadays we forget the common good of all, and are more individualistic. That is the biggest threat to Aboriginal communities.

    Thanks you guys for the comments.

  4. Well said Steve. Always enjoy reading your posts