Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Don't sweat the small stuff".

You now what age gets you? Old.

No really it gives you perspective. Age let's you know that there is wisdom in some of those old sayings and cliches.

Don't Sweat the small stuff. Do you know how powerful that is? My deceased Mom always, always said "Mano". Leave it, let it go. Mano things will work out. No big deal.
I remember my Arsehole self being so wound up about the smallest of things. For nothing, Christ sakes. Now I know better. It's still difficult to ease up on things. But I do try. I think age does that. It give you the ability to think. Because you should know better.
So what if your Granddaughter drops eggs on the floor. Big deal. It's not like it is a Faberge egg, is it? It's an egg. Just like a glass of water. Start screaming because she knocked over a glass a the table. It is almost automatic to start yelling and giving heck. Mano!  Water can be wiped up.
It is the big things that we can't help but get emotional over. The small stuff, well, its just small stuff.
Easy to say hard to live by. But age does that. Age. If we only knew then what we know now? eh?

I am of the age where I can wear a nice hat. Not one of those baseball style hats. But a real hat. A Humburg, a fedora, a porkpie hat, and the trilby hat. I do think it is fine for an older guy. He is not a kid so why wear a kids hat?  You want to make sure you are of that age where you are not in the dirty old man stage, and not old enough to be in the "so old that he is cute stage". You want to be in that greying, grey or still have black/brown but have the age in the face look stage. Rugged, experienced...old(er) not old. At this stage you are not trying to be cool, but age makes you cool. That's what age does. But don't be one of those old fools that thinks that he can get some young women. That is the fool age.

Like I said age gives you perspective. Age is another word for experience. Some of us age faster than others. Or we have different experiences. I do know this: adopt that Mano credo and it will help you in life. Not everything has to be Mano and we know that. But the little things.

So the car ahead of you is slow. Big fucking whoop. Are you going to risk passing him and maybe hitting someone in the blind spot? Or are you going to seethe in a ball of fury and take your anger out down the road? Or are you going to say "Mano, who give's a rats ass?"  I am not going to get that far ahead in this traffic anyway. Maybe I don't know it, but I may have saved a life, you may never know.  

So take a second, think, use some perspective and really don't sweat the small stuff.

I know that my granddaughter getting syrup on her clean shirt is not going to make me cry. Its a fucking shirt. Change it or use a wet towel to get the syrup off.

Love that kid. Take care peoples.  Have a great great day.

Its so cool you have to say it twice. 

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