Monday, January 7, 2013

On a Vision Quest: having a Vision

On a side note I watched CNN's Piers Morgan debate on gun control with Alex Jones. Holy shit, that Alex Jones is a pure nut case. Rubber room material. Funny but crazy sad. The next program was Anderson Cooper and the discussion on the Ohio Football rape allegations and the online video of a girl.

Wild, crazy, nasty and sad events happening these days. The gang rape of a 23 year old girl (Jyoti Singh Pandey) on a bus in India. The details are horrid.

With the all access news we currently have, it is difficult to be uninformed. Yet many of us are.

If we are getting informed intellectually, maybe we can also get informed Spiritually as well.

So sit down, clear your mind, do some mantras, open a link to your energy and wait for it. That Vision will come.

I tell you about my friend that was sitting in a Sweat Lodge. She was sitting still, had her eyes closed, opened up her mind, was praying and a vision came. She had her eyes closed but it seemed like it was getting bright. She open her eyes and she could see everything inside the Lodge. A vision.

Turns out, the grass in the Lodge had caught on fire from having so many Rocks (Grandfathers) in the pit. The other people in the Lodge were trying to stamp out the fire.

Hey did I tell you about these certain Elders or Medicine people are as White people call them, Shamans. There are these guys that have visions or instructed that they must put Bear grease on your body. We call them Bear Grease Elders. Their visions seem to be geared towards women. As we call these so called Elders, Bare Grease Elders. Get it?  Bare?  Its a joke. Watch out for those bare grease elders. "Oh the Spirits tell me to rub some bare (Bear) grease on you". 

Many of our people will open one eye to see what kind of vision these Elders are having.

Just putting you on. But I do think maybe we should take a moment and think about what is happening all around us. We need to channel our energy for hope. Hope for some peace of mind, peace of living for our neighbours, our friends, our families.

So much sadness, madness and hurt out there. Let's envision some aid for our Earth and her people.

But you know where help and vision is really truly needed? It is for those that continue to stay steadfast in their hate, their bigotry, their lies. We are seeing that in the gun control debate in the U.S. We are seeing it in the police inactions of India. We are seeing it in the general public in Canada when discussing the Idle No More movement, or any issue regarding Aboriginal people.

That is where a Vision should come. A vision of clarity. A vision of kindness. But hey, if it doesn't come we can always imagine.

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