Thursday, March 2, 2017

Being Indian, Don't Ruin it For White People.

"Long time go, me walk far."

Let's face it, the noble savage is a cool image. Everyone wants to be the noble savage; the Long Hair Dark Skin Deep Voice Tone and heavy accent. The Indian who speaks like he is communicating with the Spirits. That guy who's voice sends chills down your spine. The guy who you just know is wiser than any old Owl.  Now that guy (and Woman of course) is just cool.
 I really want to be that Indian. Heck everyone wants to be that Indian, including Indians.

The thing is those Indians really do exist. They are the ones who have the knowledge. They can hunt like a bugger, ride horse like a bird and get all the little White girls giggling, biting their lower lip and tousling hair in their fingers.

I have seen those Indians. At powwows. At bingos. At Walmart. At KFC. Those Indians exist.

The Women are even more deadly. Now they can steam bacon with just their gaze. They have the voice like an Eagle. The strength of a 56 Thunderbird. The scent of a fresh water fall.

These are the Women who turn the heads of the richest White man. White men would stalk her but would say to the authorities; "I wasn't stalking her, I only drove by her place a few times, tonight."

I have seen these Women. I have seen them at Star Bucks. At Boston Pizza. At the University book store. They exist.

The big problem I see for all other Neechies (a colloquial term used by Indians to describe other Indians - friends) is we don't all fit the noble savage image. Or in the case of the Women, the sexy glamorous Indian Princess. You know like  that of Disney fables. Where the young strapping handsome blonde White guy gets to be rescued by and falls deeply in love with the bronze wild untamed maiden.

You see these are the Indians everyone wants to be like, or to meet and be close with. The problem is that these Indians that fit the mold of noble savage and princess have no desire to meet sickly pale skinned folk. No heck no. They  are in  a cool group of their own. They don't need to get with White to know they are the real deal. They are the whole bag; the fully popped bag of popcorn, the jello that is jiggly and not rubber, the tea that is just warm enough to sip with out burning your tongue, the long fringe on a bead vest.  There's no way in heck these noble savages and Indian princesses have time for the pale skin.

So where does that leave us, mere Indians? The White folk can't be with what they want so they have to settle for the rest of us. And we have to try our best not to disappoint. We need to break out our best beadwork and have those moccasins with real Beaver fur and not that rabbit fur dyed shit. We have to carry a handdrum in a nice bag for emergency round dances. We don't want to ruin it for White people by being an ordinary everyday, get on the bus, playing 20 bingo card, buying Velcro running shoes at Walmart type of Indian.

We can at least try to play the part they want. That way we don't ruin it for them.

*Disclaimer *
Just so you know, not all Noble Savages or Indian Princesses are averse to White partners. Heck for some of those Indian men the paler the better - white like that of a high end sheet of copier paper... see Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Jullianne Moore for example. Now these women are almost translucent. The Indian Princess have been seen to dine at the White table. In fact there are families of sisters who will make it a mission to marry white. It results in Women on the hotness scale to go out of their range. You will have Indian Women,  the 10's, 9's,8's and 7's hooking up with white 4's 3's and even 2's - the two is short bald pudgy but has personality. Personality is still a given. 
Also note, later in life things will change and the Indian princess will always come back to the Indian table. 

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