Friday, March 17, 2017

When Local War is Waged.


The "Alt Right" is a new term for an old theme.  The political Right seems to be gaining some of its historic brashness. The media calls the push for racism in politics as "populism".  The Americans have embraced the hatred they have elected a lunatic. Canada has had its own crazy with Stephen Harper and his Old Stock Canadians rhetoric and governing. Now that he is gone the political is going to fill his void with an even wackier version.

The world is sure embracing racism hatred and just plain ugliness. The media and many call it challenging political correctness. Funny stuff. I wonder where this will end up?

In the US police are assaulting Women, killing them in many instances and seems like they have waged war on the Black man. Let's not forget other people of colour. The Indigenous person is more likely to be killed by a police officer than any other group in America.

So again I wonder what will it take in this civilized country of ours for a War on the government to happen?

In many other countries civil wars break out when the locals have had enough of the pressure, the persecution at the hands of the ruling elite. We have seen micro-bursts of rage happen. The governments protect (at all costs it seems) the backs of the corporations, the resource sectors and the financial institutions at the peril of the ordinary citizen.

I think the government is prepared for this. Many of the police forces have been fully militarized and have begun capital expenditures for all sorts of big weapons. Makes a person wonder, who is  the local police going to war against?

They are preparing for war against the disenfranchised. Who are the disenfranchised?

Look in the mirror.

It may happen in our lifetime where you will start to see more and more unrest against the government. The same people who voted for Trump and who will vote Conservative in Canada are also the ones to watch. They identify with the hate promoted by the Alt Right but when the policies and laws by the government start to affect them as well...then you know they are going to wake up.

But for now the disenfranchised are the First Nations, the Black the Muslim and some other smaller groups. There is a point where someone is going to get tired of their kids being taken, their women being killed, their rights taken away. When they get finally see no alternative of their own. War will happen. It happened in the 1970s with Quebec; the FLQ and you will see it happen again.  It happened in the 1800's so its not new to Canada.

I guarantee you the police services speak about local wars and plan to address them.  I also guarantee you that there are many in the country who are itching to start a war.

Wonder when it will happen?
Will the Rich finally push the poor over the edge?
Will the Right finally push the poor over the edge?
Will the Government finally push the Indigenous over the edge?

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