Thursday, March 9, 2017

Get Your Knife and Lets Go Battle: Meth

Jib is a slang for Crystal Meth.  The life of an addict is sad, ugly, scary and has a finality to it. We struggle with the news of a body found. That is the reality of any person dealing with a family member, relative, friend or child. We have no clue as to the life she/he has to endure; where she/he is and what she/he is doing.

So what can a Dad, a Mom, a partner, a sibling, a friend do? What can anyone of us do?

Can we force them into treatment? Get them on Methadone? Do the "tough love" thing and throw them away? Enable them? The truth is intervention is good tv but not reality. Treatment can be a chance for them to breathe. Methadone is not for everyone. Tough love is pure selfish crap. Wanting your loved one only when they are at their best.

I know the only thing we really can do is to thread with kindness. Not enable but not to throw them away. They already know the guilt, the pain, the hurt, the lies, theft, selfishness of what Meth has them doing. Doing ugly things they never knew they were capable of. So what do we do?

On March 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm, I am going to do battle with Meth. I hope you join the battle.

I am going to try and use the power of meditation, thought and prayer to do battle. Along with lots of wishing.

I will sit in my living room. I will have a cup of water and I will bring my weapon; a knife and a club. If I had Pipe I would bring it as well. So I could start off with a Talk with the Creator with the help of the Smoke from the Pipe.

I will close my eyes and meditate, pray and think of finding the one who is addicted to Meth. I will offer water to the person. I will look at the Meth and I will strike Meth. As many times I can. I will keep giving water, the good life to the person who is controlled by Meth. I will do battle. I hope I can win.

I can share with you the power of meditation - group meditation - power of prayer - and the control of our thoughts. You might already know the control you may have in the choices we make.

So it may sound crazy. It may sound silly. What have you too lose? A moment of time?
Meth has taken and will take so much. What is a life to Meth?

Too me and to others, life - good life is what we want for our loved one.

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