Monday, February 22, 2010

I got an ace up my hole.

This is a re-cycled post I did on line somewhere but thought I would share it here anyway. You know how it is, re-cycle, re-use and re-post.

I really like using quotes, cliches (idioms) and the colloquial speech. My problem is that I kind of get a little mixed up with my quotes and my cliches. My wife is rotten to the core because she will get me all worked up and that is when I start throwing around all these quotes and cliches. I use them to try and sound smart or to win an argument. I use them to put emphasis on my stories. She baits me into these little spats to see what I will say. It is not until she laughs and repeats what I said that I sometimes get it. Other times I don't know what the heck she is laughing at.

We, my wife and me, were talking about some item in the news that didn't sit right with me, I turned to her and said "I am appalled and sickening" regarding what had took place. Another time I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend and an Elder. We were talking politics, the community and my work situation. I was leaving a job at the time and it was not really a good move on my part. I told the Elder that for my decision "I still have an ace up my hole". I guess looking back that correct cliche could have been I have an ace up my sleeve. Or I have an ace in the hole. I am not sure or which but I now know that it is not up my hole. That poor Elder. His coffee shot out of his nose. He looked like someone poked him the ribs or something. It was kind of embarrassing. Coffee spilled all over him.

In our Reserve there are many sayings people use that are only familiar to the people in our community. I don't know why that is. When I talk to people not from the Reserve they look at me like I am nuts. We say things like "fucker John your moneys gone". I am not sure why that money is gone but it's said by people anyway, even if money is not involved in the situation. Another saying is "your gay as a blade". Not sure what the heck that means but it is used when referring to a stupid person. I never did understand these but people use the words plude and frog to describe genitals. Weird I know. Not sure if it is still used by the younger crowd these days. One saying that I like but is disappearing as it was used by the old folk, is "yo-ho". It is an acknowledgment when someone is talking. It's not a question of what they are saying, but it's like ah-hah, to let them know you are listening intently.

Me I never say Yo-ho, it was the old people that used it. It would be nice if the younger crowd still said that but that's the way it goes. I will continue to use quotes if I can remember them and will mangle cliches, because I like them. So eat "moo" people and remember "the hottest hells are reserved for those in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality".

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