Monday, February 22, 2010

A true story in the midst of whole bunch of make believe, lies

One of the things I do like about the way Indians are portrayed in the movies or television is the idea that we are linked to 'spiritual' forces. "Listen to the wind" is a line that Graham Greene said to Val Kilmer in "Thunderheart". Val Kilmer replies what the heck does that mean. It was a show of how Indians are "in-tune" with the world. It worked, I went out and sat around in the back yard for a while trying to hear what the trees were saying. Actually, we spent lots of time in the bush when we were kids. It was nice. I don't do much these days, can't think of the last time I just went for a walk in the bush. Don't think I ever took my little girl for a walk in the bush. But anyway, back to the spiritual thing. There are things we Know and things we believe. I know that there is more to us than what we see, hear and touch here on Earth. There is something else.

There was this great little film called "what the bleep do we know". For the person that is not crazy over the supernatural this is a good 'science' type look at things beyond the physical Earth. I enjoyed this take on the world and the possibilities of being more than what we are. There are things that we don't know about. We can question the heck out of it, or we can just shrug and say "Okay then". I like that, Maanoo (let it be). The film explores the notion of Quantum Physics. I know diddly squat about quantum physics, but I do know that it is either the "science of possibilities" or "bunk". One thing though it makes you think.

I have experienced the supernatural. Yes, I said it. I have "been through the hole-shoelace" (it is a back home saying for those that have 'experience'). I am going to share some experiences on here and at least one of those experiences is true. I won't be sharing any Ceremony experiences, that's just bad form (to steal a phrase from the English).

I once saw a ufo. I was about 9 or 10 years old. There was a trio of lights hovering over at my uncles place. My uncle had an a little caterpillar tractor and the lights were floating over the tractor. I believe there were blue, green and yellow lights rotating in a circle over the tractor. At the time I was sniffing gasoline out of a little can, so I can't be sure if it was an actual ufo sighting.

I was doing some respite work for a Child and Family Agency. I was holed up in a hotel room with this 14 year old that was under care. He was a very trouble kid. He was a friendly guy, but liked to get in trouble with the law. He was a habitual car thief. There some cognitive disability, but I'm no expert on those things. One morning I woke up and was lying in the bed. I looked over at his bed and there was something hovering over him. No it wasn't lights. It is very hard to describe. It was sort of a dark green beast coming out of his midsection. It just hung there over him. I looked and looked. I wasn't scared or anything, just weirded out. I questioned myself if I was really seeing this.

I was about 17 or 18. One morning after I woke up. I looked at my bedroom wall and there was a little man standing on the wall. One of the little people, Memegwesiwak that my Mom and Dad used to talk about. Actually everyone in the Reserve talks about the little ones. This little guy he didn't look Indian, he looked like one of those garden gnomes. He walked across the wall and just faded away. I shook my head like in the movies and wondered if I was awake. I was awake.

One day I was sitting on my couch and looked back and there was a big spider sitting there. It was all black. It disappeared really quickly. It wasn't real but I saw what I saw.

Since we have been hearing about 3D a lot lately, I will tell you my experience with the next dimension, maybe the 5th dimension. I was 18 out drinking. Me and my friend, Merv had run out of beer. We still wanted to get high, so we figured we would sniff some gas. I know stupid and a childish thing to do. Only kids sniffed gas in the Reserve. Well we were sitting in the bush sniffing. I was sniffing away when all of sudden I wasn't there anymore. I was up in the air. I could see me and Merv sitting against some trees sniffing. I was looking at me looking at something, weird. Suddenly I was back in my body again. I said to Merv, "did you see that, I was up in the air". He said he saw it too.

Some girl pissed on my hair. I don't know who she is or who she how she got my hair but she got it. Her doing that caused me to be visited by the Demon. The demon always appeared to me in my dreams and as a woman. She would try to take me away with her. I remember in one contact she was walking down the stairs of our old hockey rink (it burned down years ago and there is a new one now). I could she her in a red dress with sometype of print pattern on the dress. I was scared of her so I ran into one of the dressing rooms. The room was dark and the concrete floor was wet in some areas. She came into the room and came over to me in the corner to hug me. I thought it was going to be an erotic dream, but she started spinning me, and I was fighting to get away. I yelled at her. She said your going to "Hhhhhhhhhhellllllllllll" as we spun in a quick circle. Another time there was this kid sitting in a boat at a beach shore. The boat started to float away. This woman was crying for help. I went out to the boat and was able to pull it to shore. The woman was so thankful that she came to hug me. Again I thought it was going to be dream erotica. But nooooo. She started squeezing me so hard I couldn't breathe, I started trying to get away, but she turned into a big snake trying to squeeze the life out of me.

But there's more. :-D

There is this neat little book by A.C. Ross called "We are all Related". In this book Ross talks a little about the supernatural. He does make comparisons to many religions across the globe and their similarities. I guess that's okay, but I am more interested in his "science" of things. His own experiences with the supernatural and the science behind some ceremonies is pretty cool. If you have the opportunity read the book.

Just got an email from a friend to try EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Not sure if it fits here, but just thought I would let you know about it.


  1. Never seen "the little ones", UFO's yes. Lake Winnipeg is a great place for them, no clue why. When I lived in Manigotogan, I watched a trio of lights flying in a triangle formation through a telescope for 15 minutes.

  2. One of my Dad's friends told me about the UFO he saw while out there in the Manigotogan area. There are some cambrian shield lakes there that are quite deep. He was a hunter, trapper and fisherman. I know him not to have a reason to make up a story.

  3. Oh, can I relate.... have seen and experienced many other-dimensional things and beings, most of them in the boonies of Oklahoma.

  4. Yeah, Many people have experiences but the easiest thing to is doubt, so much that we even doubt ourselves.