Monday, February 8, 2010

Okijiida Ceremonies

Roseau River First Nation, Manitoba Canada.
Youth Violence/Youth Suicide and Community Economic Hardship are devastating first nations and native americans on turtle island. more young people are turning to the warrior societies. they need more than empty promises, they want action, they need solutions.

On July 23rd/24th/25th/2010 Warrior Societies from all over North America
will gather to give first hand information on the goals and objectives of thier organizations.

Various chapters of the American Indian Movement, Anishinabe 0-kii-ji-da Warrior, the Mohawk Warrior Society, the Lonefighters Warrior Society, the Cree Warrior Society, the Dakota Warrior Society,the Edmonton O-Gitcha-Da Warrior Society, the Thunder Bay Warrior Society,the Miq Mak Warrior Society,the B.C Warrior Society and the Native Youth Movement and Native Organizations have expressed interest.

Everybody is invited to this Gathering, we have sent tobacco to all of the people This is the largest of Warrior Societies Gathering.

TOPICS : Missing and Murdered First Nation Women
Missing and Murdered Native American Women
Community Economic Hardship
Youth Siucides
Community Violence
Sovereignty Rights, Treaty Rights, Land Claims
Drugs and Alcohol in your communiites
Child Abuse
Youth Violence

for more info: contact Derek Cassidy at 204-209-0073
e-mail address
e-mail address
or leave message at 204-427-2312

this gathering will take place @ the powwow grounds, so if you have teepees, bring them..there lots of camping room. there will be a feast @ 6 pm


  1. bohzo Steve

    My son had a serious issue with depression, he is in the Air Force and i think that makes it harder for him.

    It is such a problem for our people, i always wounder why, it has to be something other than choice, i have looked at the suicide rates cor Native Americans since following your blog and having a depressed son.

    I wish you well my friend, have a great day!

  2. Depression is very hard because we either don't know we're depressed, we don't acknowledge it. We know something is wrong but not sure what.And the word Depressed is such a bad word we don't want to use it. People shrug it off as something normal. But being depressed in the worse way is not. I hope your boy does get someone to talk too. I am not sure if talking and listening helps, but I think it is all that doctors can offer.

  3. I SOOO appreciate your commitment...wish you the best on this gathering!

  4. steve, attendance is at 1,712 for the warrior society gathering....for jule 23rd/24th/25th/2010