Saturday, February 20, 2010

It takes nothing to be nice, at least civil or respectful.

My brother has lent me his truck until Thursday, so I am pretty happy. If I am happy why in the heck did I act like a jerk to the police? I gave my daughter-in-law a ride to work this morning. Along our ride, I pulled beside a cop car. There was a woman police officer driving. I stared at her for a long time at the stop light. I don't know why I did this, nothing was in my mind. I guess her partner saw me staring and she looked quickly at me and stared. I kept staring. As the light turned green I got ahead of them and passed into their lane. I turned off onto the street to Brandi's work. The police took a different route and came up to me at a cross street. They must have gone pretty fast to get there. So they pulled behind me and put the lights on. I went a full block before stopping. They put their siren on to get my attention. When the male police officer came up to the car he was polite, while I was not. I said "why'd you stop me? Because I was looking at you?" He said "the registered owner does not have a valid license." "Well, I am not the registered owner," I replied in a snotty attitude way. How the heck would he know who is driving. So he went on to check out my license in the car. I was commenting to Brandi how I am not a fan of the police. The woman police officer came back and informed me that I did not have a valid license. "WHAT!?" I was choked, to say the least. It was real funny. I was 'jarred' because I was acting like an A-hole and this is what it got me. The cops then took their time deciding if they should have the truck towed. The lady cop told me that even driving it into the close by parking lot would have me still breaking the law. I was at their mercy and they had every right to tow the truck. I had no rotten license. I did not re-new the rotten thing in December. I guess I should be glad they stopped me before I got into an accident with no license. Regardless if I would have gotten a break or not, it really showed me something. I always think we should be nice to people and here I was not adhering to what I feel. Doesn't matter that I have resentments towards the police. I should have at least been civil or at the very least respectful. In the end they let me park the truck in the adjacent mall parking lot. I told them I would go over to another mall and go pay for my license at one of the insurance brokers. They agreed. I don't know if they agreed because it was easier for them or they were just being good people. I waited in the truck for about 20 minutes and considered driving over to an insurance place. I decided to walk. Just as I got out of the parking lot onto the street the police drove on by. I guess they waited down the block to see what if I would drive again. Sneaky. :-0

It takes nothing to be nice, but the rewards can be much.

I told my wife about what happened and she had no sympathy for me. I get what I deserve.

You know when I was a kid about 15, there was this one cop, Wyman Sangster,a RCMP officer that took the time to get to know us in the Reserve. He went on to coach our baseball team. He was a pretty good guy. Many of the other RCMP officers were not kind to us in the Reserve. I ran into him a few times as an adult, he is still a pretty friendly fellow.

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  1. My wife gives me a hard time too when I give government officials a hard time. It must be a woman thing. They just don't know how to have fun.