Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fighting children is not an adult thing to do

I just read a story online where this man, this man punched a three-year old boy in a restaurant. Can you imagine? What could a child do that would anger a person to punch them? What kind of man could punch a kid, a three year old child? I was so angry, so hurt when I read this. This is a mild incident, considering. Considering how much worse it is out there in the world for children. I hope that the Mother of the child chooses the well being of the child over her own wants in this case.
People can be so phony. We can be so phony. "I would give my life for my child!" Shit, people won't even quit smoking when they are pregnant. Can't even give up smoking for their child, never mind their life. This is for both the man and the woman. A father should quit smoking when the wife is pregnant. But man will leave it to the wife to keep the child safe. It's easier that way. No sacrifice. People are drinking and damaging their children before they get out of the womb. There are so many children now living with the results. Protect our children, heck, we don't even give up the drink for our children. Our children end up in foster homes. If we were looking after our children, there would be no Fetal Alcohol. This is 100%, that's one hundred percent preventable. Yeah, we protect our kids alright.
I am very upset and angry. I remember when this boy (Marcus McKay)went missing in Waterhen, Manitoba in the summer of 2000. The boy disappeared after a hunting trip with the man. He has never been found. We went and searched for the boy that time. There is always going to be horror in the news regarding children; Phoenix Sinclair, the tragic story of a 6 year old who live in hell because of her parents. There is a boy missing in our Reserve. He went missing two weeks ago. He is 14 year old Tyler Arkinson. The police and the community searched for him and have not found him. He is gone. I can't imagine the horror the family is going through.
That is the life of our children. We have to keep them safe.
We have to tell on people that fight their children. Tell on ourselves before it is too late.

In the news:
Man arrested after boy hit inside Hortons
By QMI Agency

A 37-year-old Dartmouth, N.S., man was arrested Sunday after police say surveillance footage captured a man punching a three-year-old in the mouth at a Tim Hortons restaurant.
Police say a witness called officers to the scene at about 5:42 p.m. on Saturday.
By the time officers arrived, the suspect and child had left.
Police say the accused is the boyfriend of the child's mother.
Officers seized the restaurant's surveillance tape.
The child was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.
Halifax police praised the witness who called them.


  1. I was working a few years ago, and this family came into the store. Mom, Dad,and a few kids, and proceeded to look around. No sooner had I turned around to talk to my Assistant, and the Dad had hauled off and socked the older girl(about 9) right in the face, laying her out. The sound of fist and face, then of her head bouncing off the tile floor I will never forget. My Asst. immediately called the cops, and I guess I kind of lost it a little, because the guy saw me coming and took off outside. I chased him out there just as the cops were pulling into the parking lot, and he ran to them! Asking them to "protect" him from me. Can you believe that? I politely told the Officers what had happened, and the Cop actually told the guy, "I should leave you here with him while I go check on your daughter, f****** coward.". Unfortunately his partner went to check on the girl, and I did not get any "alone" time with this prick. Would it have solved anything, my bashing his head in? No, but sometimes I believe we turn the other cheek far too often, and once in awhile one of these Abusers needs a little of their own "medicine". Too much of this, too many kids being tortured, beaten, molested, whatever. It's not right.

  2. Things that like are hard to take. It is emotional gripping.