Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is a good day to fluff.

The Grandkids. Two of my many bosses. I really appreciate the time with these kids.

My two girls. I was glad to visit with my girl at her aunties yesterday. My sister had a small Feast for her husband, who is gone 4 years now. Remembering him in a good way. As well there was Good food and fun visit.

Our two friends from Long Plain First Nation. It was a pleasant surprise to run into them at a little restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. What a chance to run into someone that we haven't seen in sometime. They are very good people.

The Reserve life is full of good things. Lots of friends and family. It's good to hang out in the Reserve but being in the City is okay too. Lots of Indians living in the city so you are not alone.

The late Chief Dan George said in Little Big Man, "it's a good day to die", well today is a good day for fluff. Fluff is that little bit of nothing. Nothing negative and nothing heavy. Just good old fluff. Something that the air can carry. Like a fluff posting. Fluff conversation. Fluff comments. Fluff argument. Fluff, just plain fluff. :0

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